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Time for a long overdue update on my hip.  You might remember that I first had hip issues after the Indy mini marathon.  While I felt great during the race, about an hour post-race I was already having issues walking and sitting and was in pretty bad pain.  At the time I thought it was my back, but as the pain gradually localized (from being an entire pelvis/lower back issue) I realized it was more in my right hip.  From my googling (always reliable…) I diagnosed myself with some sacroiliac joint pain.  I still think this might be accurate, but I have no idea.

In any case, it hurt.  A lot.  The day of the race (Saturday) and the following Sunday it hurt pretty much all the time and I was really having trouble getting around.  By Monday the pain had faded somewhat, but it was still uncomfortable 100% of the time and really painful another 50% of the time (particularly getting up from sitting, turning over in bed, and any wrong movements).  I tried the heating pad.  I tried different stretches.  Nothing seemed to help.

Finally last Thursday, twelve days after the race, my hip started to feel better.  It was literally an overnight sort of thing – I woke up and it felt more like a pulled muscle and I wasn’t having that sharp pain anymore.  Sunday morning I actually walked a mile to church!  By the time I got to church I could feel my hip more, but it still wasn’t that sharp pain.  I made sure to take it easy for the rest of Sunday.  And yesterday I barely noticed my hip at all!  Dave and I took a short walk before dinner and I could feel my hip again, but by the time I got up from eating dinner it felt 100% again.  Hooray!!

I still have some occasional stiffness/soreness when I first get up from sitting, but for the most part my hip feels great!  I’m so excited!  Today I plan to either do a very small run (1 mile) or a little bit longer of a walk, just to test things out a bit.  It’s been 17 days since the race!  It’s crazy how much time it’s taken to mend what strain or tear that happened (and probably took longer because of the pregnancy) but I’m so grateful that it’s at least going away and feeling better!  Even if running is out of the picture for the rest of the pregnancy (if hip pain returns with running) at least I’m able to walk and move around again without limping or gasping in pain!

Phew.  So that’s a long winded version to say this: my hip hurt a lot after the race.  It didn’t get better.  I rested (and by rested I mean no physical activity other than the normal walking around the house sort of thing).  For a lot of days.  And now it feels great!

I also think that prayer had a big role in the healing of my hip – so many great friends have been praying for me or took the time to pray with me!  Thank you!

So that’s the hip update.  I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of nervous about the run.  I’m pretty certain I’ll be gasping for breath, super slow, and horribly out of shape after a 17 day hiatus.  We’ll see.  Either way, it’s time to take that running skirt out for a test drive!

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  1. Hip pain is the worst and is so hard to stretch and ice it. Glad to hear that it is finally better. And I love the self diagnosis. I always webmd my symptoms and I always end up with something crazy

  2. I wanted everyone to lay hands on your hip and pray at work, but I felt like that might be uncomfortable for you. So instead I just posted this on your public blog.

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