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hip check

I was really hoping to get out for a run this morning, but unfortunately my hip just felt too tight.  I want to make sure my hip is all the way healed before I run again and today it just didn’t feel ready.  Maybe another short walk today to loosen things up?

Running or not, I decided to wear my running skirt today!

Super comfy… and I think cute enough to run errands in without looking like a bum.

Speaking of running errands, Dave and I swung by Target on Sunday to check on something for our registry.  Dave insisted on parking in the “Expectant Mothers” space, even though I told him I was perfectly capable of walking.  He’s been waiting for this!

I apologize to any really pregnant ladies – especially ones with kids in tow – who wanted that spot!

Picture of the day:

I love catching Mosie in awkward sleeping positions.

Off to the grocery store – we need leeks for leek and zucchini pasta!

What are you making for dinner tonight?


8 thoughts on “hip check

  1. Don’t worry about parking in the expecting spot!! When I was preggo 4 and 2 years ago they are only in the next town over so I never got to park in them….enjoy it while you can!

  2. That is such a cute photo of Mosie. My husband is away on business tonight so I think I’m going to go with the leftover butternut squash ravioli!

  3. Very cute skirt! Still trying to decide on dinner tonight. It might just be smoothies and cheese and crackers. We just had guests and I don’t feel like cooking!

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