2nd trimester review

Can you believe this is the last week of the second trimester?  Weeks 16-26!

And today – 27 weeks!

Fun things that happened this trimester:

  • We found out we’re having a BOY!
  • We picked a name – but we’re not telling!
  • I feel baby boy move A LOT more – and way stronger!  Sometimes I can even see my stomach move when he kicks!
  • I took not just one but two glucose tests for gestational diabetes.  ( I failed the first but passed the second!)
  • I ran the Holy Half Marathon (2:27:32) with Dave and the Indy Mini Marathon (2:14:37) with my sister and 2 cousins!
  • hurt my hip and haven’t been able to run for 16 days (hip update to come tomorrow!).
  • I haven’t had many cravings but macaroni and cheese has been consumed way more than normal (both Annie’s boxed version and homemade).  Vegetables are okay but I don’t love them like I used to.  I do love carbs.  All the time.  In mass quantities.
  • I’m still sleeping great!  I get up to pee about once a night, but other than that my sleep is undisturbed!  I loooove my giant C-shaped pregnancy pillow.  It’s crazy comfortable.
  • I’m definitely not as tired as I was first trimester.  I’ve only taken a handful of naps this trimester.  Most of the time I feel really normal.  And although I have a bump, it hasn’t started to throw me off yet with balance or feeling like I’m carrying extra weight.

They say the 2nd trimester is the best – you have the most energy and feel your best.  I definitely have, even though the 1st trimester was pretty easy for me, too (no sickness, just some fleeting nausea and extra tiredness).  I’m excited for the 3rd trimester: to get bigger, to feel baby even more, and in holy-crap-13-more-or-less-weeks to meet him!!

Question of the day: what should I do with my hands next week?  I’m running out of ideas!


12 thoughts on “2nd trimester review

  1. You look great! He is going to be here SO SOON! I definitely felt the best in the second trimester. Third trimester definitely gets challenging when that bump gets big but I’m sure you’ll do great! Get all that organizing, nesting, cleaning done soon so you can put your feet up and rest! Our little one came 3 weeks early out of nowhere!

  2. hand ideas:
    1) vogue
    2) flash an “m for mierau” with your fingers, gangsta style
    3) give yourself antlers
    4) give yourself owl eyes
    5) pageant wave

  3. I love the progression – it’s like week after week of adorable with the bonus of jazz hands 🙂 And get ready for some big movements – I swear my belly looks like an ocean sometimes with the waves!

  4. Ahhh the baby is coming so fast! Can’t wait to hear what name you guys picked. Next picture, “throw your hands in the air and wave’em like you just don’t care” or “put your hands up their playing your song…party in the USA”

  5. I think you should put your hands on your hips and show us some attitude!!!

    I am so happy you have more energy and are sleeping better! And I love the photo montage. You are so cute!

  6. You look great! I loved all the week by week pictures. You haven’t done the peace signs with your hands yet 🙂 ha!

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