glucose test, part 2

7:15pm last night I had my last meal.  Well, we’d already eaten dinner (teriyaki peanut stir fry with soba noodles – yum!) so I really just had a snack – a chocolate pumpkin muffin.  Fabulous.  This morning we were at the doctor’s office at 7:40am.  Around 8:15 they finally took me back – I grumbled to Dave during the waiting that the longer we waited the longer til I ate.  Somebody was a happy camper this morning… They actually put an IV in and took the first vial of blood.  Then they gave me more yummy glucose stuff to drink.  I chose lime this time, which was a much better choice than the fruit punch.  It tasted like a melted popsicle, which wasn’t so bad.

And then three hours of waiting and not eating and blood drawn every hour led to this:

In reality, it really wasn’t that bad.  I was hungriest right at the beginning, during my normal breakfast time.  But once that passed I mostly forgot about it.  The IV in my arm was the most annoying thing!  Dave and I passed the time with a little reading…

…and watching a movie

We watched Extraordinary Measures.  This is how Dave and I watch movies: he thinks about them, processes them, makes life applications.  I just watch them.  In one ear, out the other.

The movie was actually pretty good, but that didn’t keep me from mocking Brendan Fraser for this:

C’mon!  Nobody actually wears their sweaters like that!!

We finally left the doctor’s at about 11:30.  I came home and gobbled up a hardboiled egg, some asiago bread, and a pear.  I think a chocolate muffin might be in my future…

So answer me this: does anybody actually wear their sweaters like that?


10 thoughts on “glucose test, part 2

  1. Kim- this is off topic- but I’m curious. Why the IV? As an experienced glucose tester (multiple short and long versions) I have nevr heard of this.

      1. i think its called a port? heads up – probably will have one in your arm during the duration of pregnancy…even if you’re trying it natural – they put it in case of an emergency epidural or pain meds…comfy 🙂

      2. it is called a port. I had one in during my delivery. (even though it was a medically-necessary c/s they explained it would have been put in anyways in case of emergency.)

        Also, your kitty posts remind me of my kitty (Marley). 🙂 She’s a tiger kitty too and she enjoys the occasional game of stretch (with a straw or a piece of string of course). 🙂

        Glad things are going well with your pregnancy! I love following your blog. 🙂

  2. That chocolate pumpkin mufin sounds amazing. i love pumpkin flavored stuff and I only see people in the movies wear sweaters like that

  3. um, yes! one of our customers today wore a sweater just like that! it was a woman, so i don’t know if that makes a difference, but it was still tied around her shoulders. wow. 🙂

  4. Aaron and I are very similar to you guys in our movie watching (surprise!). He has to continually remind me of what movies I have seen when we get movies to watch and when we saw them and what actors were in them (as if that helps me), and what the plot was before I vaguely recall seeing it. I just like to watch movies and then go on with my life! 🙂

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