road snack

I left work last night at 5pm – not a big deal, except I had an almost-2 hour drive ahead of me and we all know how well I do with not eating and missing meals.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money or eat crappy food that would make me feel worse.  Solution: the grocery store salad bar!  I stopped by Marsh grocery store and scooped up some cottage cheese topped with fresh strawberries for $3.15!  It was a great (and healthy) snack to hold me over til I got home!

Normally I try to pack some sort of snack to help get me home – a granola bar, dry cereal, fruit, etc., but I was unprepared last night.  This was perfect!

What’s your go-to in the car emergency snack?  Do you stop somewhere?  Always pack?  Suffer through?


6 thoughts on “road snack

  1. We have chocolate milk and nuts stashed in the car for emergencies! I would love to stop at McD’s but that’s kinda gross 🙂

  2. I used to have a stash of almonds and dried fruit in my purse incase I was ever stuck without food. But I ate them so much that i go sick of them. Cottage cheese and fruit or applesauce is one of my fav snacks though.

    1. I like almonds too, but also am currently sick of them after having them stashed at work for a few months! I like grab-and-go fruit like apples and bananas, string cheese and baked chips. Oh, and I run through McD’s to get their unsweetened tea for $1… 😉

  3. I usually have about 10 billion snacks with me in the car – fruit, carrot sticks, a granola bar. In a pinch, I’ll stop at a gas station for a beverage and some nuts … or pretzel M&Ms. I never suffer through!

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