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four things Thursday

1. I have these two prenatal yoga DVDs from the library to try.  The ladies on the cover make me kind of stabby with their overly-excited smiles, but maybe they can work some hip magic.  Let’s hope.

2. Tomorrow is the glucose test, round 2.  I need to find a good book to take along for my hours of thinking about food waiting.  Recommendations?

3. Mosie can be endlessly entertained with a rubberband.  Bonus: she sometimes will bring the rubberband back to you when you fling it.

4. I finally watched the big showdown of Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar (start about 7:15).  Now I want to see the movie (they made a movie, right?).  1982 certainly didn’t have high quality cameras.  And their motorcycles got in the way of the runners.  Also, I think I’m in love with watching running, almost as much as doing it myself.  Who knew it could be so fun?

What are your four things today?


11 thoughts on “four things Thursday

  1. 1. It is only 11:00 a.m. here but I am already excited about what I am making for dinner tonight – a new Indian chicken dish. I have been reading cooking blogs way too much lately and therefore I am constantly thinking about food and what to cook next.

    2. My thighs are killing me today and I am walking at the (slow) speed of an elderly person. This is due to the butt-kicking whipping I got from Angela at her new boot camp class on Tuesday. That was two days ago and I am still in pain (kind-of in a good way).

    3. John and I shared an interesting conversation on the way to school this morning about money. First we ended up talking about why we have to pay taxes to the government (for police, roads, etc.), and then it evolved into the price of houses. He said, “And I KNOW that houses are expensive, like over one thousand dollars. Even over two thousand, even over THREE thousand.” Yes, John, keep counting, and then add some zeros to that figure.

    4. I found myself (surprisingly) searching on this morning for a fall marathon close to where we live. I wonder if I will have the guts to try a fall training schedule again or not…

  2. 1. I’m having cruel thoughts about recommending books for my fast-hating sister like “Soul of a Chef” or “Like Water for Chocolate”…

    2. Like Wendy, I’m feeling yesterday’s workout. Turkish get-ups with a kettlebell nail my low abs everytime.

    3. I’m recently obsessed with miso soup with different veggies each day, but always a shitaake I grew in my backyard and a sprinkling of sea vegetables.

    4. We recently learned that our chickens go nuts for bananas. So now when they start getting a bit too brown I have a hard time deciding whether to make a smoothie or banana ice cream or incite a chicken riot.

    1. Kelly, what is a “Turkish get-up with a kettlebell”? My abs are one of the few parts of my body that is not sore after Tuesday’s killer work-out so they could probably use some work.

      And I agree with Kim – chicken riot (with banana ice cream a close second).

      1. I sent you an email with a serious example, but this is such a funny example of a Turkish get-up minus the kettlebell….

  3. 1. I had a small breakdown at work today when my boss’ ass of a husband tried to bully me into getting my cdl (big bus license). Don’t worry, I reported him.
    2. One more week till some of these hellions are out of my hair for the summer!
    3. I am going to the movies this weekend, which I rarely do, and i’m really excited.
    4. I have to big bags of arugula and chard in my fridge and I need recipe ideas.
    5. I cannot wait to see my whole family in 8 days!

  4. Movie- chick flick! Either Bridesmaids or Something Borrowed. I’ve heard arugula can be kind of peppery and I am not the biggest fan of that taste. When will we see you and dave in ohio? We are hopefully getting there late fri night.

    1. go see bridesmaids! i’m wanting to see that, too.
      make arugula pesto like we talked about. the cheese and nuts will mellow the pepperiness. or wilt it with pasta like kim suggests and add cheese. or arugula quiche would chill it out a bit, too, i bet. or make mashed potatoes and blend it in with the mash. combining it with tomato cuts the bite, too, i think. or keeg and i love it chopped in a fresh salsa or on top of burritos with avocado.
      i’m going to have to get some arugula at the market this saturday.

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