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let’s be friends: Holly

Meet Holly!

I started my blog in early 2010 to document my journey to becoming a runner, as well as to learn from other runners and exchange advice.

I named my blog Rust Belt Runner because I realized I will probably ALWAYS be a mid-westerner (currently based in Fort Wayne, IN) and because someone in the blogosphere had to represent the poor economic climate and mood swing weather over here.

I ended up running 10 races last year including my first half-marathon, the Fort-4-Fitness in Fort Wayne. While I have always enjoyed exercise and being active, prior to last year I had never ran more than 3.1 miles in one sitting. The Hubz got me into running initially, as a former cross country runner himself.

My blog posts range from talking about spending too much money at Starbucks, my favorite workout jams, learning more about running and my new (old) love – yoga – and consulting Dr. Google on every ailment I have.

Along the way I have met some BFFs (Blog Friends for Life) and hope to meet more! I invite you to follow my journey!

Thanks, Holly!  Be sure to check out Holly’s blog – for race recaps, lots of giveaways, and just fun!


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