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the fast and the furious

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Yesterday was Gestational Diabetes Test Day, or at least in our house.  I started off with steel cut oats and strawberries – yum.  And then I proceeded to fast from 8am until 12:50pm.  Kim Truth #234: deprive me of food and I get really grumpy.

At 12:50 I got to drink 10oz. of over-sugared “fruit punch.”

It did not taste like any fruit punch I remember.  It wasn’t awful but it definitely wasn’t good.  However, I was ready to chew the blinds on the windows, so anything was better than nothing.

After the fruit punch we headed over to the doctor’s for a baby appointment.  Craziness: we’re now every-2-weeks to the doctor instead of just monthly.  Pregnancy is going fast.

They took my blood (results for the diabetes in a few days), weighed me, took a pee sample (Proof I’ve peed in a cup too many times in the last few months: I no longer get pee on my fingers.  Maybe you all didn’t want to know that.), and listened to baby boy’s heartbeat.  Everything sounded good, looked good, my weight gain is on target, etc.  Hooray!

I also got a chance to talk to the doctor about my hip issue.  I haven’t run in over a week (not since the Saturday of the race) and while my hip isn’t as bad as it was, it definitely isn’t better.  I still have some level of discomfort or pain throughout most of the day.  Funsies.  The doctor thought maybe it was piriformis muscle tear, a tiny little muscle in your butt, but when she pressed on that area, I didn’t have any pain.  Since I don’t have any pain with palpation, her best guess is I strained something in my musculo-skeletal system due to things being in different positions with pregnancy.  Treatment: continued rest.  I have another baby appointment in 2 weeks, so we’ll re-evaluate then if my hip is still bothering me.  And because I’m pregnant, she said there is a chance it’s not going to go away.  So it’s a wait and see (and pray!) game right now.  I’m planning on checking some prenatal yoga DVDs out from the library to give me something to do in the meantime.  Naturally, if the DVDs cause me pain, I won’t do them either.

Surprisingly, I’m not having a mental breakdown over not being able to run.  Maybe that will come this week, but I’m hopeful that God is helping me to just move on, be happy that baby boy is growing, and to be patient.  Maybe I’ll run again before pregnancy is over and maybe not, but I can’t really change anything about it right now by being in a funk about it.

I actually packed a clif bar to the appointment in case I needed to tear into food right away.

Those are some crazy eyes there.  Hunger does that to you.  I ended up foregoing the clif bar and pounding down a couple pieces of cold pizza as soon as I walked in the door.  Delicious.

Oh, and here is 26 weeks.  Baby boy is 2lbs. now and about 14 inches long!


10 thoughts on “the fast and the furious

  1. The glucose test(s) are the worst. Just cruel to do that to a pregnant lady. I hope you pass! 🙂 A bummer about no running, but it’s good you are keeping a positive attitude about it. I’m so impressed with your pregnancy running, kudos! That little guy is gonna be here before you know it!!!

  2. I hope your hip heals soon! I had to take a glucose test in high school and that stuff is nasty. I remember I had an orange flavored one and I kept gagging. Love all the pics, you look great 🙂

  3. i love that in so many of your pictures (including this baby one especially) you have the ear peaking through the grimes hair. i always have that problem, too, when my hair is long. 🙂

  4. Hopefully you will do better on the hour glucose test than I did at mine. I failed them both times with both girls but only failed the three-hour test once. If you thought the one hour test was rough, pray you don’t have to take that awful three-hour test. I think I actually ate my weight in food when I was able to eat again.

    Love the pictures, keep them coming.

  5. You look so cute!!!

    And what a bummer that your hip is not better. But I love your attitude about it. I hope it does not continue for the rest of the pregnancy, but really, as an outsider, I am so inspired that you have been running for this long. Really. So many women I know quite exedrcising when they get pregnant.

    Ha ha. That must be a Kim Truth for me too. 3 hours w/o food = cranky pants Kim.

    I hope the trest results turn out good!

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