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the haircut fund

Everytime Dave gets a haircut, he “pays” me $.50 in my piggy bank.  Lucky for me, Dave needs a haircut about every 2 weeks, so I can “make money” pretty fast (we have a shared savings and checking account, so really the money is just staying in the same place, hence “pays” and “make money”).  Then every few months I get to spend some of my earnings!

Yesterday Dave and I took some quarters to Starbucks to cash in on their half-off happy hour for frappes (it ended yesterday).  We split a decaf mocha light frappe:

And I grabbed some popcorn to munch on:

We stayed at Starbucks for two hours or so – I read and Dave worked on his computer.  It was a nice way to spend a somewhat cold and rainy Sunday afternoon!

What’s your drink of choice at Starbucks?  In the summer I love the mocha light frappes!

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9 thoughts on “the haircut fund

  1. What’s the story/reason behind him paying you? Is it just to establish some fun money to play with?

    I would like to try that coconut mocha, probably when I get my free Starbucks drink for my b-day coming up soon!

    My drink of choice changes regularly. Usually I go for what’s best for my wallet. Right now, iced coffee w/a splash of soy.

  2. I usually just get a drip coffee with soy milk. If I’m going all out I’ll get a latte with hazelnut (half the pumps).

  3. I love their Chai Lattes. Although sometimes I splurge and get the mochas. Always with skim milk though, trying to be healthy-ish

  4. Recently I discovered the cocoa cappuccino. It is now my all time favorite, although I love me a mocha or vanilla latte. I accidentally forgot to ask for skim milk in a latte last week and realized that I truly prefer skim. It was way too creamy for me. I was shocked (as one who typically is not bothered by richness in food/beverages). I love this idea of creating a fun-money fund.

  5. That is cute (that he pays you) – I need to ask Steven to pay me!

    I have only ever tried the Chai Latte there! I thought about getting one today; I was so cold!

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