green smoothies

summer smoothie

The perfect hot-weather smoothie:

  • spinach
  • frozen banana
  • orange juice
  • POM juice

Sweet, smooth, and soooo delicious!  POM is always a good addition to smoothies (too bad I’m normally too cheap to buy it)!

What are your favorite smoothie flavors?

Check it out: the other day Rebecca left a comment pointing me toward this article.  Turns out someone out there makes racing bibs into coasters!  I thought it was a pretty cute idea.  You can check out her etsy shop here (and contact her about the racing bib coasters) if you’re interested!  I don’t keep my racing bibs, but I could see turning particularly significant race bibs (a PR, a run with family) or a really cool bib into a coaster.


6 thoughts on “summer smoothie

  1. I’m new to this green smoothie deal. Could you tell me the quantities you use and how much it makes? Awesome, thanks, Kim!

    1. Lana, it’s a bit of a “feel of it” to get the liquid ratios right, but I do about 3 large handfuls of spinach, and 1/2c. to 1c. milk or yogurt, plus one frozen banana (small), and other fruit. In this case it was 2 large handfuls of spinach, 1/2c. orange juice, 1/2c. POM juice, 1 banana. Does that help at all???

  2. so glad to see the word is being spread about the race bib coasters. they turn out awesome and are definitely a conversation piece. i got my first special order last night and can’t wait to see the final total donation to susan g. komen foundation!

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