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review (and giveaway!):

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I noticed recently that has some new maternity running skirts, so I asked them if they would be willing to send me a skirt to try and review.  They were!  Today in the mail I received a bunch of awesome stuff to try out!

Obviously I can’t wear the stuff out for a run at the moment due to my recent hip issues, but I’m totally in love with all the pieces.  They fit really well and they’re super soft and comfortable.  The tank top will be AWESOME for hot summer runs (or walks) and the skirt is so cute I’d wear it just for running errands and hanging out!  Plus, the shorts underneath will be great to prevent chafing.  It’s also actually the first piece of maternity clothing I have that has the full-belly panel – which is really comfortable!  I started out today wearing a sundress but as soon as I got all these I put them on and I don’t plan on taking them off!  I can’t wait to wear them on a run (or walk… depending how hip issues shape up)!

I have had one skirt from before and while I really liked it, it ended up being just a little too small and too short for me.  I gave the skirt to my sister since she has smaller hips and shorter legs.  But now has athletic skirts that are a little longer, so if I would get a skirt post-baby I would probably opt for an athletic skirt for a little more coverage.

The sizing for runs a little small, in my opinion.  The skirt I received is a large, for sizes 12-16, and fits me perfect.  All my maternity clothes that I’ve bought, however, would put me in the size medium range.  I’d recommend going up a size in bottoms, at least for the maternity skirts.  If you’re buying a non-maternity running skirt I’d strongly recommend you go by the inch measurements NOT the pants size guide for a more reliable fit.  The tops sizing seem pretty accurate – the tank and long sleeve top are both mediums, for bust measurements of 35-36″, which is correct for me right now.

The even better news? has offered to give away one maternity running skirt!  There are a couple ways you can enter:

  1. Go to and tell me what skirt (maternity or non-maternity) you love the most (+1 entry).
  2. Become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me – or leave me a comment if you already are a follower (+1 entry).
  3. Mention my giveaway with a link back here on your blog (+1 entry), twitter (+1 entry), or facebook (+1 entry).

Even if you’re not pregnant you could score a great skirt for a friend!

The winner will be randomly drawn from the comments and I’ll announce the winner Tuesday morning!


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  1. Ooh, the plain black maternity skirt is so versatile – love it! My sister is having twins in December – I’ll have to share this site with her!

    Thanks Kim!

  2. I can’t pick between the pink argyle or the sparkly hearts. I adore both. I’d LOVE to wear this on a run and then throw on a polo and hit the golf course. Seriously cute!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just realized you said they were giving away a maternity running skirt. Doh. I really need to stop my speed reading. Haha. But anywho, I have someone in mind I could gift it to!

  4. I couldn’t find any where to follow you so I became an e-mail subscriber and confirmed

  5. I like the mums in bloom one! Looks comfy! Not preggo here …but LOTS of friends are! You are great at finding the free gifts! Way to go!

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