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the love glove

Last week we bought Mosie the love glove off  Mosie sheds.  A lot.  Especially right now (spring, baby!).  She also hates the hairbrush we got her (haaaaates it).  The love glove had some promising reviews, so we decided to go for it.  $10 later…

Mosie loves it.  She purrs when we pet her and does this really fun flat-body thing underneath the glove.  After awhile she’ll also try to bite it, but she seems to love the love glove back.  Hooray!

Yesterday Dave and I pulled 3 love glove’s full of hair off her.  Gross.  But today we both noticed that she looked much better – her coat was shinier and there were less clumps of hair just sitting on  her back.  Excellent!  I think for now we’ll be trying to brush her about once a day.  Hopefully it will also cut back on all the shedding on the couch, our clothes, etc.!

In other news, the laundry drying rack has moved back outside!  Which means more of this to come!


5 thoughts on “the love glove

  1. I’m glad to see your positive review of the Love Glove. I’d never heard of it, but our long-haired kitty is shedding like crazy. It’s almost embarrassing and although he loves the brush we have, we don’t use it nearly enough and he usually gets ticked after about 3 minutes of that brush. I’m going to consider getting one!

  2. um, ‘love glove’?! couldn’t they have come up with a name that sounded less like it came from an adult toy store?!

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