donut lovin’

Yesterday I had a cream-filled donut from Dunkin Donuts.  It tasted like a little bit of over-sugared heaven.

I haven’t had a donut in a good while (Dave and I haven’t been hitting up free Krispy Kremes lately) – not because I’m anti-donut, but I just don’t encounter them that often or think about them.  Eating donuts very sporadically is the way to go – that thing tasted like utter heaven because I hadn’t had one in so long.  YUM.  I think little sugar donut fairies danced around my hip and did some healing action.  In that case, I better find another donut for tomorrow…

What’s your favorite kind of donut?  I’m a big fan of glazed but that chocolate topped one was awesome!  Best donuts ever are still the ones we had in Iowa!

PS – like my shirt?


10 thoughts on “donut lovin’

  1. Love a reg krispy kreme glazed donut! Your blog also just told me free donut day is june 4th!

  2. I love donuts!!!! There is a bakery right near my parents that make the best ones. I like glazed, jelly and chocolate frosted…well, actually I love all donuts!

  3. Dunkin Donuts powdered sugar vanilla cream filled! The best donut ever (even better chilled if you have any leftover for the next day).

    Living in RI for college, there was a a Dunkin Donuts every mile or two- so I had them a lot. Jump ahead 10 years and I am living in Gainesville with NO Dunkin Donuts. Finally- when I was pregnant with Jack (2007) signs that DD was on their way to town. Yippee! They open while I am pregnant- but I can’t have them since I was dealing with gestational diabetes. One of my first “treats” after coming home from the hospital were those darn donuts. Yummm! So good!

  4. I am pretty sure I like donuts so much that I only eat them maybe once a year and then the entire year I tell myself and everyone else that I don’t like them. I should try that with all junk food lol. I think I like glazed donuts and any kind of apple donuts

  5. My favorite has to be old fashioned glazed with maple frosting…heaven! I have a donut maybe once every few years, but when I see that old fashioned staring me in the face, I can’t pass it up.

  6. Mmm … doughnuts. I am a big fan of Dunkin’ or anything filled with jelly or Bavarian cream but rarely get them. Maybe three times a year. The closest I get is taking a bite of Mark’s when we go.

  7. All of those who commented on your post are incredibly disciplined to only have one donut per year! I must be a really bad mom because I let the kids have a donut nearly every week. It has become our Sunday after church tradition. Normally it’s a couple of donut holes (plain glazed from a local donut shop) but occasionally we get whole donuts. I normally have one or two donut holes, which I think is a way of rationalization on my part, to think that multiple holes are smaller and less calories than a whole donut.

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