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25 weeks!  

I’m wearing an awesome new shirt from Running Chics!  Check it out:

Andrea at Running Chics was nice enough to send me one of their new shirts to try out!  It’s a burnout tee and they’ll be up on their website soon.  Things I love about the shirt/the company:

  • super comfortable.  I have 3 other Running Chics shirts (see here and here.  Kel and I even wore matching Running Chics shirts at the Presque Isle marathon) and I love them all.  They’re really soft, really comfortable, and really cute.  They have tons of different styles and logos on their website – running chics, yoga chics, pregnant chics, etc.!  Plus the shirts are a longer length, which is just more comfortable.
  • great customer service.  Andrea (one of the founders) and I email throughout the year, just to say hi and see how each other’s running is going.  I love that!
  • Running Chics supports Girls on the Run, and donates part of their proceeds to GOTR.

I really like the pattern on this new shirt – it’s a subtle, wavy, floralesque design.  Gives the shirt a little flair!  And just in case you can’t see it, here’s the logo on the shirt:

Check out all the chics here.  Which one would you get?  I think the little running chic and the yoga chic are adorable!


7 thoughts on “pregnant chic

  1. Can you suggest a chic to the chics company? I think they should add a Librarian chic. I’d love it…of course, and I’m sure other librarians would, too.

    I hope your hip gets better quickly. I’ve been dealing with SI joint, Sciatic, and lower back pain that has prevented me from running for 10 months now. It’s getting really old. I miss exercising, but most especially the running.

    Also, you are SUPER cute at 25 weeks!

    1. I will second Lana’s request for a book-worm chic! Their shirts look super cute on you.

  2. You are looking pregnant now! And SOO cute! Love it. The little pregnant chic is so cute too! Glad your doing well. Hope the hip feels better soon!

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