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more race pictures

A few more race pictures from Saturday!

Kel and I post-race, changing in the parking garage.  We’re classy.

Two thumbs up for both our races… the thumbs up/thumbs down was a tribute to our Uncle Lyn.

Pre-race in the hotel room.  Dave likes to have me pose as if I’m running.  Because everybody does half marathons around their Marriott hotel room!

Let’s take a minute to talk about my race outfit.  Shorts: adidas, from TJ Maxx a long time ago.  They always chafe and leave a ring of scabs around my waist.  Feels awesome, right?  But they were my only running shorts with pockets and I wanted to carry my cell phone (to let Dave know when I was close to finishing and also just in case something happened) and my GU Chomps.  Long sleeve shirt: from the Grand Rapids marathon.  It’s lightweight and awesome and easily my favorite running shirt.  I took it off by mile 2 and tied it around my waist.  It didn’t bother me once.  Shirt underneath: from the Holy Half marathon in April.  It’s really light and soft and I had NO chafing.  Sports bra: Champion.  It chafed like crazy – the kind where you get in the shower post-race and want to cry when the water hits those spots, you know?  I’ve been in denial that I probably need a new sports bra during maternity.  Shoes: of course, my trusty Brooks Adrenaline!

Last picture: Kel and I pre-race, in the corral.  Love this one!

I’ll be back later today with a late 25-week picture update!


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