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me and my hip

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I’ve been very fortunate as a runner in that I’ve had very few running injuries.  I had some foot issues awhile back, which turned out to be a combination of needing new shoes and pain from running on the gutter slope of the street.  But other than that, I’ve run relatively pain-free, with minimal issues.  I’ve been really blessed.

Saturday’s race I felt awesome – really strong, really energetic.  I didn’t have any pain of discomfort and if I would have, I would have definitely walked.  In other races I might push through, but since I’m pregnant “pushing through” has been dropped for now.  It’s all about doing what’s best for baby!

Saturday after the race my hip started to bother me.  It was pretty bad Saturday night and Sunday – I was limping and uncomfortable when I was standing, walking, getting up, or changing positions.  When I was sitting it felt a little better.  The pain has gotten somewhat better but it’s still there and it still hurts.  I did some googling and I think I’ve figured out what the issue is: sacroiliac joint pain.

This is your sacroiliac joint:

Reasons I think this is where my problem is:

  • the pain is posterior, in my butt, and higher up.  I matched other symptoms, too.
  • pregnancy causes your ligaments and joints to loosen (hormone production).  Sacroiliac joint pain is actually a really common pregnancy issue as the baby’s weight puts stress on the joint and the extra upper body weight has trouble reconciling with the lower body bone structure.
  • the pain is worse when I’m standing and walking, and lessens when I’m laying down or sitting

Right now I’m sitting on a heating pad every once in awhile, which seems to help.  I’m also not planning on running until the pain goes completely away.  I have a baby doctor appointment on Monday, so if it’s not better by then, I’ll be able to talk to my doctor about it (and will tell her about it regardless).  So that’s my hip.  It hurts and it’s not fun and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to get back to running because I love it and I feel better when I’m running.  But if not, I hope I can get back to just walking normal!

Good news: sacroiliac joint pain doesn’t hurt the baby.  Hooray!


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  1. i went to my chiropractor throughout my pregnancy and it was quite helpful. his table was able to adjust to accommodate my growing belly.:)

  2. I have hip injuries while running and right now even though I’m still not 100%, I’m better than I was. I had overused my hip muscle in my left hip causing PAIN after any and all runs no matter what the distance. I somehow managed to push myself through a 10.5k with this pain.

    As for having these type of problems and being pregnant, I have nothing. I didn’t exercise at all while pregnant, I know I should have and having Gestational Diabetes with baby No. 2 did put more walking on the list, but listening to your body is the right thing to do. Taking off from running until you have that talk with your doctor is the ABSOLUTE best thing for you.

    This has nothing to do with running, injuries while running but it does have to something to do with pregnancy. With my second pregnancy, the office I work in somehow sprung a gas leak. In my freaked out pregnant mode, I called my doctor’s office and asked if it was alright that I was at work while there was a gas leak. No kidding. They said it was fine as long as I didn’t feel light headed.

  3. I ran with my first pregnancy until about month 5 when it started to become uncomfortable with all the pressure baby put on my joints. My pain was lower. I stuck with walking with the other two pregnancies. The larger you get, the more of a workout walking will become and the easier it will be to get your exercise high! Perhaps you’ll be able to run a little more through this pregnancy once you give your joints a break – a half-marathon probably put a little more stress on them than you are used to doing. Running with a child sitting in your pelvis is hard! 🙂

  4. Yikes! I hope you do have it figured out. I know Dr. Google has steered me in the wrong direction before. Be careful!

  5. from the qeen of hip issues, I can say strengthening those muscles helped A LOT and then seeing a chiro once in awhile, cause if you are out of whack it definitely makes things hurt from the hips

  6. um…have i missed it or have you not posted a preggo pic in awhile?
    i am so bummed about your pain – and so glad you are calming for baby and until pain subsides. you are doing an amazing job of staying fit and healthy for your little dude! you’re body rocks and i bet he’ll slide right outta there pain free 🙂

  7. I hope you recover soon! Hip pain is the worst and after a couple of my first marathons I had it. It totally stinks

  8. I would suggest trying some water aerobics and swimming. I loved that when I was pregnant. It allowed me to get some exercise and not feel so much pressure on my joints. Also Woodhouse Day Spa in Fort Wayne has an awesome pregnancy/expectant mother package including a massage…Hint hint Dave!

  9. I was just reading about ITB issues and how they are more common in the hip for pregnant women! I know this isn’t the same thing, but I hope you feel better soon!

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