indy race weekend, part 2

Missed Indy race weekend, part 1?  

After the Indy race, Dave and I met up with our friends Nicole and Brian and their new baby, Elias!  Luckily they didn’t mind that I was stinky and sweaty!  Check out 1-month-old little Elias!

It was fun for Dave and I to see a tiny baby boy as we wait for our own little man!

After lunch Dave and I headed up to Fort Wayne for more time with family.  Saturday night we hung out, ate (a family tradition), and watched the Kentucky Derby.  Wendy’s kids especially loved the derby!

Sunday there was more eating, game playing, and some golfing for the kids:

And some ice cream (luckily Dave brought me home some, too, for Mother’s Day!):

Dave and I also got a tour of my aunt and uncle’s awesome RV!  Since they’ve retired they drive their RV from Florida to Wyoming and spend the summer working at Jackson Hole National Park!  What an awesome job!

Sunday was also a day of goodbyes, which wasn’t fun.  I love seeing my family and since we’re all so spread out, it doesn’t happen that often!

Is your family close by or spread out?  Most of my family is all spread out (I have some family in Fort Wayne and Chicago), but Dave’s family is close by (in our same town!).  We’re happy to have  some family to visit and some family that’s really close!

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Coming up at lunch: my hip hurts.


2 thoughts on “indy race weekend, part 2

  1. My immediate family are all in North Jersey and so are my husband’s. It makes it really easy to visit everyone on the holidays. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Only my parents and grandparents are close by. Every one else is spread out from New Mexico to Virginia. The silly people all moved away from home. Maybe it’s us…

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