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indy race weekend, part 1

Friday at 4pm Dave and I met up with my sister, Kelly, and headed down to Indianapolis.  We checked in to our hotel (Dave scored us an awesome hotel – the start line was right outside the door!) and then headed over to our cousins’ hotel for dinner and to hang out.  I had packed spaghetti to heat up and my aunt brought bread and salad.  In total there were 11 of us in one hotel room: 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 1 sister, 1 husband, 2 cousins, 2 kids-of-my-cousin.  It was full but so much fun!

The runners, the night before:

My cousin Wendy, my sister Kelly, me, and my cousin Jon.

We got back to our hotel around 9pm and got ready for bed.  Dave and I both have been fighting a cold so we were congested and then between worrying about alarms going on, being in a strange place, and having to pee, none of us really slept that well.  Still, we were up at 5:45 and ready to go.  Made coffee (regular for Kel, decaf for me), ate a clif bar, packed up our stuff, and took a load to the car (we didn’t want Dave to have to make 4 trips when he checked us out while we ran).  We met Wendy and Jon in the lobby at 6:45 and took a pre-race picture:

Wendy and Jon were both hoping to run around 1:50 or 1:55, so they started together.  Kel and I started together, with plans to split whenever Kel was ready to take off.  I ate another clif bar around 7am (2 clif bars = 500 calories).  The race started relatively on time and Kel took off in the first mile.  This was her first half marathon, so I was really excited for her.  Due to busyness at work and 2 weeks of a really nasty cold (luckily she was over it by the half marathon), her training hadn’t been very much, but I knew she could run sub-2 hours.

The weather was awesome – 50s and cloudy, and started to spit rain toward the end of the run.  It was pretty uneventful, but still fun.  There’s so many people at this race (35,000 runners) that there is always lots of people to watch!  I took 3 GU Chomps at mile 6, then 2 more at mile 10.  I walked at water stops (about 15 seconds each – enough to drink 2 swallows and then move on) and when I was eating the Chomps.  Other than that, I was feeling really strong, so I kept running and ended up not walking at all!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this half marathon – I ran 2:12 in Florida at 3 months pregnant and 2:32 at Notre Dame at 4.5 months pregnant, so I was really pleased with how strong I felt and my time!

Official finish times: 

  • Kim: 2:14:37
  • Kelly: 1:59:26 (her first half marathon!)
  • Wendy: 1:45:43
  • Jon: 1:45:43 (a 2 minute PR!)

Then this morning we found out that the Indy Star newspaper had Wendy and Jon finishing as the first picture on their website!

All in all, one of my favorite races – partly because I had a good race and felt great, but mostly because of the time with my cousins and sister, who I don’t get to see very often!

Check out these race recaps of  Kel and I’s marathon, the half marathon Dave and I did with Jon, and Wendy’s marathon!


8 thoughts on “indy race weekend, part 1

  1. That was, without a doubt, the BEST race weekend ever! To have so many family members there in support, and to participate, it will be a tough act to follow. Congrats to Kimmy (+1) for your 3rd half marathon while pregnant (AMAZING) and Kelly for going sub 2 in your first ever half marathon! Wow! A big “thanks” goes out to Wendy for pushing this old, fat guy to a PR! We all definitely “…ran like Indians!” I miss you guys already!

  2. What a speedy family! You all did awesome! And I love that their pic was on the paper. My friend was on the cover of the paper last week for the half marathon we did together, but they cut me off! Ha ha.

    And 35000 runners?! WHoa!

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