mother’s day

Some mother’s I know and love and have much to learn from!

My dear friend Rachel, mother to Mylin:

Nicole, mom to newborn Elias (who I got to meet yesterday!!):

Melissa, mom to David, Ana, and Abby:

Little Oliver’s mom, Jath:

Marcia, mom to her own 4 awesome boys and who’s both a wonderful friend and a second mom to me:

My Aunt Penny – she does double duty as aunt and mom to me (I couldn’t find a picture of us – probably because Aunt Penny always has the camera).

My mother-in-law, Lou, mom to Dave (best boy ever!) and 3 girls:

My beautiful sister-in-law, Julie, mom to Lydia:

My sweet sister-in-law Corrine, mom to Lizzie and Clare:

And, of course, my own MOM – mom to 4, grandma to 2 and 1-on-the-way.  This lady has taught me so much – more, still, that I have yet to learn.  She is sweet, funny, always ready to serve, an incredible gift-giver, wise, loving, smart, and strong.

Plus lots of other moms, too – my cousins (like Wendy, who I’m with this weekend, or Laura who just sent us a bunch of baby stuff) and other friends and family!

Who are the moms you are thankful for today?


3 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. awww… I made the list! 🙂 I know you will be one awesome mommy too! Can’t wait to meet your little guy someday! Have a great day today.

  2. You are already a wonderful mom in the making. I am so thankful for you! At this stage in motherhood I am so thankful for the ones that have gone before me and come alongside me in the last several months to comfort, calm, laugh with, cry with, and teach me all about this amazing journey as a mom. I am so thankful for God’s timing with our friendship and that we are enjoying journey’s nearly side-by-side. I love you!

  3. Aww…my little family on your blog. It was wonderful seeing you last Saturday. (Can’t believe it’s been almost a week again already!) On Mother’s Day, I had a whole new appreciation for my own mom and all the love she’s given. Not only recently with Elias but throughout my whole life. I think going through the process of “becoming” a mom makes you appreciate your own mom that much more. You’re going to be great – can’t wait to see your little boy!!

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