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us + groceries + Amazon

Dave and I have changed up our grocery shopping a bit.  We’re now buying a good amount of stuff online, off of Amazon.com.  We signed up for a free three month membership for Amazon Prime, but we’re pretty sure we’ll buy the year membership when our trial is up.  Perks of Amazon Prime: free shipping for eligible items (and TONS of items are eligible) and shipping happens within 2 days.  Immediate gratification.  I love.

The bulk items we’ve purchased off Amazon in the last month:

  • roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds
  • peanut butter (100% peanuts – no added oil or salt!)
  • canned soybeans (for salads, hummus, etc.)
  • goat’s milk soap (I first bought this from the co-op but it’s much cheaper on Amazon.  Smells divine.  Natural ingredients.)
  • gum
  • popcorn kernels
  • nutritional yeast
  • soba noodles
  • chia seeds
  • dried apricots

And non bulk items:

  • 2 toilet brushes
  • the love glove for Mosie
  • new cat food for Mosie (with more natural ingredients and higher animal protein)

Those bulk items were all a good deal cheaper to buy online than to buy at the grocery store or co-op.  All will keep until we need them (sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast can be frozen).  Plus, it’s really easy: order your groceries and get them 2 days later!  For the most part, we’ll just go to Kroger for our produce and other random items, and maybe hit up Walmart once or twice a month (Kroger and Walmart are on opposite sides of town, so going to both every week was a little annoying and always out of the way).

Last month’s grocery bill was bigger because we bought a lot of those first-time purchases.  But this week I spent $30 at the grocery store and came away with everything I needed.  In the future I can see us needing some quinoa, but for the most part we’re pretty set on all our staples for awhile.  I’m really interested to see how May’s grocery bill will shape up given our Amazon membership.

One thing that definitely changed: our recycling!  Last month we had a crazy amount of cardboard boxes!

Do you use Amazon a lot?  Dave and I always liked it (we ordered our lawnmower from Amazon and multiple kitchen appliances) but we are looooving Amazon Prime and free shipping!  Plus, we’ve had good customer service with them, too.


10 thoughts on “us + groceries + Amazon

  1. We registered for wedding gifts on Amazon.com! We wanted workout gear and other random things instead of fancy china that we’ll never use. I didn’t realize you could get food on there too!

  2. If you have a place to store some boxes, I normally save some throughout the year for Christmas… I am always trying to scrounge up boxes around that time and saving all year helps!

  3. Sign up for Amazon mom or use Subscribe and Save and I think you get a free month of prime each month when you spend $50 or more dollars for a year. We have been using Amazon this way for a really long time… our year is probably about up.

  4. you get Amazon Prime free with a school email address! We’ve enjoyed it for the past year, used my husband’s school email address to sign up with a new account!

    I bought some bulk stuff on iherb.com and found some of the prices to be cheaper than what I could find on Amazon when I looked one day. (chia seeds, quinoa, almonds)

  5. check out amazon mom too. i have a box shipped with subscribe & save every month. 1 box lasts me pretty much exactly a month and i don’t have to worry about buying them. it just ships automatically every month. i get the box of pampers for $27 (SHIPPED!). LOVE IT. i use it for other baby staples too. it rocks!

  6. I have been buying Bailey’s diapers through Amazon Mom.’s subscribe and save. A box that is normally $48 at Sam’s Club (cheapest I can find), I can get for under $25…..And if I Have a 10% off coupon (found in many parenting magazines) it is about $18.00. We alternate between cloth and disposable. So I spend about $25 every 6-8 weeks on diapers. AMAZING….and if you sign up for the Amazon Mom/Subscribe and Save you have a free upgrade to Amazon Prime….free shipping on most everything.

  7. I love the idea about groceries via Amazon, but I’m going to save it for a home where we don’t have 1 closet and 1 storage space under the stairs. Said another way, I will pay to NOT have something in my apartment until the day I need it 🙂

    BUT as a grad student, Amazon Prime is amazing! I get all my books with free two day shipping – and I order books at least 2x a month! AND I once used it to get an air mattress with free two day shipping – the big/tall kind that are almost as tall as a regular bed, and without free shipping the slow shipping would have been $30! It was a good day.

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