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devoid of bananas

This just in: we’re out of bananas.  This seems slightly crazy, since I normally buy 6lbs. of bananas at the grocery store almost every week (some for eating, some for freezing).  Somehow, it happened.  (Note: grocery store adventure on tap for today.)  So yesterday’s green smoothie was sans banana but did include spinach, skim milk, blueberries, and raspberries.  Sounds delicious, right?

Meh.  It got better toward the end, but it never thrilled me.  I think the blueberries masked the raspberries too much (how dare they!) and it lacked a certain sweetness that bananas give.  Sad day.  I still drank it all.  That spinach is good for me and while I like veggies more than I did in the first trimester, I still don’t crave them.  So I sneak them in where I can, since I want to eat them more than just at dinner.

I’m wearing one of my new Old Navy dresses in the pic above.  It’s cute and comfy and I love it.  The other dress I ordered was frump-a-dump and awkward and unflattering.  It’s getting mailed back.  Pronto.  Disappointing.

In other news, we ordered the love glove (awkward name x1000) from Amazon for Mosie:

Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

Mosie loves our current hair brush about as much as she loves getting her nails clipped.

Either way, we’ve got to wrangle up some of her fur.  Kitty sheds like nobody’s business.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

Speaking of hair, you know how they say in pregnancy your hair can get thicker?  Well, I read the other day it’s not that your hair gets thicker, it’s that you lose less hair so you have more on your head.  Either way, it’s pretty awesome for me, since I only have about 10 tiny hairs to start with.  Except I haven’t actually noticed a difference.  Pregnancy hair, you can arrive anytime now, just please stay on TOP OF MY HEAD and not my FACE.  Apparently that’s another potential pregnancy side-effect.  Bearded lady, no thanks.

Question of the day: what time do you wake up every day?  It changes for me – sometimes 5am (when I have to commute to work), sometimes 6am, sometimes I sleep in til 7am.  When I was marathon training in the summer I got up at 4am to start my runs by 4:30 and beat the heat.


7 thoughts on “devoid of bananas

  1. I get up at 5:19 during the week and sleep in till 9 on saturdays! Interested to hear how “the love glove” works out. Saturday/monday you should receive your shower invitation!

  2. I had pregnancy hair too. Thick and luscious. I was in heaven. Then when I stopped breastfeeding it fell out at an ALARMING rate. My husband had to unclog out tub drain regularly bc of me. The worst part for me was that I have bangs so they got really thin and then once the hair finally started coming back in I had 2 sets of bangs… the normal ones and then the baby ones. They JUST RECENTLY evened out. Pregnancy is so weird.

    I get up when the mini man gets me up which ranges from 5 AM to 7:30 AM. I’ll be getting up EARLY this summer as well for marathon training heat beating.

  3. I get up between 7am-8am. I don’t work until 11:30am. I am currently training for my first marathon so on Saturdays (my long run day) i usually try to get up between 6-6:30am. So I can get the long run out of the way right away in the morning.

    My Link and Rainy have long fur. Have you heard of the furminator? They hate it… but boy does it get the fur out. Let me know how the love glove works.

  4. I get up weekdays at 5am to commute to Manhattan for work! It stinks! 😦 Too early in my book. I love bananas…like when they get rotten too in order to bake them up.

  5. I usually get up around 7 or 7:30; one benefit of my job is that I don’t start work until 9. So 7/7:30 seems late compared to you all…I wish I could motivate myself to just get up that early anyway! (Well, at least by 6 or so!)

  6. i tried a smoothie w/out bananas once and i agree – it wasn’t NEARLY as good! bananas are the essential ingredient. i can’t wait to make one again soon! (it hasn’t been nearly warm enough for me to have a smoothie since last summer!) i get up at 7am on Tues, 6am on Wed-Fri, 5am on Sat, and random times on Sun & Mon. Usually Mon is my sleep in day (8-ish?)

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