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mosie’s nap

Working from home has numerous perks.  One of them: visiting Mosie at her nap spot in the afternoon.  It’s always about the same – lots of purring, cute wriggling, upended paws, and fluffy belly hair.  Love.

Other perks: working in sweats, postponing showering, throwing a load of laundry in at random times, using your own bathroom, non-fluorescent lights, seeing Dave more often, and going for runs on my lunch break.

I took an early lunch yesterday to get in 5.8 miles in 57:13, 9:47 avg. pace.  I felt like I could have gone more (it was wonderfully cool out) but decided this week to hold my miles to 6 or under so I’m ready for the Indy half marathon on Saturday.  I’ll have run/will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, then take Friday off as a rest.

What are the perks to your job?


9 thoughts on “mosie’s nap

  1. vomit, snot, pee……oh wait, i guess 20+ kids happy to see me everyday and saying crazy things to make me laugh!

  2. I work for a small local company that sells phone, tv and internet. All of our customers are local to the area.

    Mosie acts like my Rainy when I wake her from a nap. 🙂

  3. I also work from home so I share many of the same perks! LOVE IT. Also love that I can go visit Miles during the day while he is with the nanny.

  4. Ugh I would love to work from home. I would gladly take a new job just so that I can work from home. Running on my lunch breaks and getting laundry done while in my sweats is my kinda life. I guess the only “perk” about my job is that there is a lot and i mean A LOT of down time inbetween projects so have time to blog and catch up on other blogs

  5. OMG Mosie is so friggin cute!

    My job perks – holidays and summers off, I work 2 miles from home so most days I go home for lunch and snuggle with Squirt, great kids I get to work with every day

  6. Aww. Mosie. I want to come rub your belly!

    Good luck at Indy! I want to do that race one day.

    I love my work from home days too.

  7. So sweet! I was reading about how you ran out of bananas. We are constantly running out too. Love them so much. Great job on your run, btw. I am not that fast just yet but I have short legs. haha. I had to make myself run yesterday. Was not feeling it at all but then again, it was in the 90s yesterday.

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