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let’s be friends: Erick

This is my coworker, Erick:

This is what Erick does late at night.  And then this is what he emails me in the morning.  Don’t try to figure out what it all means.  It probably means nothing.  And entering into Erick’s bizarre little world would be terrifying.

Erick and I have worked together for 6 years.  I actually started the job before Erick, but I was an intern, so apparently my seniority doesn’t count.  Erick is now becoming my boss.  He likes me to call him “Sensei” and proclaims that “he destroyed me so I could be rebuilt in his image.”

Erick is a narcissist.

Erick also said I could write his “let’s be friends” entry for him.  So he’ll get what he gets.

Other fun things about Erick:

  • Erick reads the blog everyday.  If you see sarcastic/bullying comments, those are from my sisters Erick.
  • He tore his Achilles back in September 2010 and still can’t walk quite right.  I like to challenge him to running races.
  • Our relationship can best be described as “like brother and sister”, especially pertaining to the teasing, mockery, and skepticism.
  • Erick likes to sing Ke$ha songs in the office.  It’s pretty awesome.
  • Erick is a twin.  He and his brother were both 8lb. babies.  AKA: Erick’s mother is a saint.
  • Erick’s job perk for working from home: he can wear stuff like this without getting made fun of.  But then he posts it to facebook and I put it on my blog, so it happens anyway.

In all actuality, Erick is a great friend and has really helped me grow in my job, but if I say too many nice things about him he’ll be intolerable to work with. 

Tell me about one of your coworkers!


7 thoughts on “let’s be friends: Erick

  1. This is all pretty much accurate, but you forgot to mention that your husband gives me hugs… I think that is an important point. Get back to work!

  2. I like that erick teases you when your sisters arent around! Good to have fun people to work with as well. How did he tear his achilles?

    1. I am a lot of fun and everyone wishes I were their coworker. I could mention how I am awesome, but if you think Kim is awesome, you already understand how I am awesome. After all she is my disciple.

      1. My previous post should have gone with the comment below… oops.

        As for how I blew my Achilles… Playing wiffle ball of course. Apparently I am one of the lucky 10% of men who are naturally gifted to blow Achilles doing minimal task. If I am really fortunate I will blow the other one soon!

  3. It’s ok, it looks like he already has a lot of hats that fit his big head. 🙂 j/k

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