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april runnin’

This is my highest running total since we found out we were pregnant (December of 2010).  I’m feeling really good right now, which is awesome and a blessing and something I don’t (or try not to) take for granted.  I don’t feel pregnant when I run – I haven’t noticed a shift in weight or balance.  Sometimes I’m more tired.  Sometimes my breathing feels harder.  But most times it’s just a run at a slightly slower pace.  I am so insanely grateful for this!  I’m excited for the half marathon this weekend – potentially my last pregnancy half marathon.  Although c’mon, you all know me.  You know I’m at least looking at potential upcoming half marathons.

Your turn!  Tell me about your April exercises: did you hit a mileage high?  Fall in love with a new exercise?  Complete a race?  Talk about it!


9 thoughts on “april runnin’

  1. With training for my marathon I had my longest run to date… several times in the month of April.

    I also had my first real run in an actual rainstorm… which also happened to be my longest run to date.

  2. I ran 2 races, the Cherry Blossom 10M at the beginning of April and a 1/2 M this past Saturday! Your preggo 1/2 pace is the same as my unpreggo pace, even though I am trying to change that!! Good luck with your race and hope you feel just as good until delivery day!

  3. You’re an inspiration! I gotta admit, April was a tough month for me. The First Trimester is a real witch (with a capital B)! I felt tired most of the month. I think I’m coming out of my Tri 1 Slump, though. I think May will be much better!

  4. April didn’t give me my highest mileage month ever (that went to March with 74 – holy cow! I ran 74 miles in March!), but it was a close 2nd at 62. If I hadn’t gotten sick and missed 2 13 mile training runs, the month would have been HUGE.

    May is looking to be my mileage month, race-wise. I have 3 races planned. 25k on 5/14, 5k the next weekend and then a 10 miler the weekend after that. I’m getting a little nauseated just thinking about it!

    I’m glad you are still feeling so good. It amazes me with how well you ran the Holy Half, given how hot it was that day.

  5. started doing sprints a couple times a week to improve my time. it kinda stinks. but if it works . . . hahaha

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