prize pack!

Awhile back I won a POM giveaway on Kimberly’s blog (remember when I stalked her?).  Yesterday I got the package in the mail – and it’s awesome!  Check out all it included – and all the awesome stuff Kimberly so nicely threw in!

  • soup recipe book
  • red quinoa (I’ve never tried red quinoa and we are down to our last cup of quinoa in the cupboard!)
  • 3 strawberry fruit leathers
  •  1 chocolate brownie nut luna bar
  • 2 clif bars – chocolate brownie and blueberry crisp (I haven’t tried either of these)
  • 3 candy easter eggs – starburst, reese’s pb cups, m&m’s
  • coupon for a free bottle of POM juice
  • POM recipe booklet
  • POM rubber bracelet
  • POM tote bag

THANK YOU, Kimberly!  The additions you threw in are even better than the POM stuff!

What’s made your day or week great?


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