23 weeks!


This weekend I went to Old Navy with Dave to spend my birthday money.  The store didn’t prove very fruitful, although I did pick up the basic black tshirt pictured above (in non-maternity) and a pair of khaki shorts with an elastic waist band that should work for summertime and post-baby (also non-maternity).

When I got home, I spent the rest of my money on these two pretties:

This should really have me pretty set with maternity clothes, at least for a good while.  I have a pair of maternity jeans (low waist band so I always use a belly-band with it), some shirts that still fit (and will for awhile), the new shorts, and 5 dresses that can be worn either at work or casually, plus all my cardigans (just not buttoned).  Score!

Thanks to my sisters, Jenny and Julie, for the Old Navy gift cards!


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