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This morning’s run was wet.  I tried to wait out the rain and then realized it’s probably not going to stop.  Evidence:

My legs didn’t feel like they had much kick to them, so I kept the run short.  4 miles in 38:30, 9:38 avg. pace.  I felt like I was going slow, but apparently was keeping up pretty well.  At least it was in the 50s while I ran, so the rain wasn’t too cold.

Now on to more exciting things, like Easter candy.

My mom in all her awesomeness still sends us Easter baskets every year.  I’m 27, so this is totally appropriate, right?  When we were little we got candy and a stuffed animal, but now that we’re older the baskets have evolved (and turned into boxes).  This year’s basket was a little more baby-themed.  My parents had a consignment sale at their church and picked up a couple of great baby-related things for us for cheap.  Hooray!

Car seat protector:

Infant car seat head rest thingy:

Fancified burp cloths (my family nickname is “Chickie.”  My mom saw this ribbon a long time ago and knew she would sew cloths for us, boy or girl.  Love them.):

Dish scrubber, wooden tongs for the toaster (my family was horrified at Christmas when I stuck a fork in the toaster for an errant piece of bread), pinwheel to stick in plants (Mosie wants to eat this all.the.time.), and a jar opener (another kitchen-essential discovered missing over Christmas):

And the highlight:

Miraculously, we still haven’t eaten the eggs!  (It helped that I got 2 of these for my birthday.)

Do you still get an Easter basket?


6 thoughts on “easter basket

  1. I’m 30 and still get an Easter basket! Reese’s Eggs are always featured but I had to share them with my fiance this year. I think I just found a downside to getting married…. 🙂 hehe

  2. it was you that needed the tongs! the bunny gave them to me, too. we have a toaster oven and therefore don’t need the tongs and i was trying to remember who kept shoving a metal knife in theirs so i could make them a gift.

  3. I no longer get an Easter basket. 😦 But my kids do now. I actually have to stop my mom some because she gives them so much candy that I end up feeling like I can’t give them anything because they get so much stuff! I never did get an official Easter basket when I was little. We just got a chocolate bunny every year. I tenderly cherished my bunnies as I nibbled away their existence over the following week.

  4. We’re twins! Well, we have twin forecasts. Boo.

    My mom still does make us baskets too! I wonder what will be in mine. My mom said she would bring it in May.

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