another perfect day

After Friday’s perfect day, yesterday followed suit!  I started off with a run – 5.5 miles in 55:02, 10:04 avg. pace – then met up with a friend for scones and coffee.  These scones were amazing – super soft and flaky.  I got the raspberry white chocolate.  Total awesomeness.

After scones I hung out at home with Dave and we went for a walk in the sunshine down to the dam.  Then in the evening we went out to dinner with Dave’s parents and afterwards hit up DQ for buy one get one free blizzards.  Unlike last time, Dave actually got a medium!

Could today be perfect, too?  I need to finish up the housecleaning – sweepering and steam mopping – and maybe some reading?  It’s already started out pretty great – 6.25 miles in 1:02:46, 10:03 avg. pace.

HAPPY EASTER!!!  I’ll tell you about Dave and I’s awesome Easter basket tomorrow!


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