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perfect day off

I have off today for Good Friday – HOORAY!!!  I slept in til 7:30am, had raspberry steel cut oats and decaf coffee for breakfast, and dipped around on my computer.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed down the stovetop.  And cleaned up the bathrooms – both of which were in dire need of my attention.  Also got the guest bed comforter washed and in the dryer – Mosie uses it as her sleep spot and it was disgustingly hairy.  We’re putting an old towel down on it now so she can sleep there but not gross it up so much.

The culprit in her favorite napping place:

I also got a good run in – not great, but good.  It was raining, cool, and windy, so I cut my run short.  3 miles in 29:02, 9:41 avg. pace.  I tried to push the pace on this run, but ended up running around my normal anyway.  Oh well.  At least I got out there!

Now I’m off to scrub down the shower and start some laundry.  I also want to dust and sweeper and steam mop the house.  And later this afternoon Dave and I are going to go to South Bend – we’re going to read at Starbucks, do some maternity shopping at Old Navy, then have date night dinner at Papa Vino’s.  It’s the perfect day off: productive but laid back and lots of time at home and with Dave!

What’s your perfect day off?


10 thoughts on “perfect day off

  1. My perfect day off would look pretty similar, really! Coffee (free coffee/tea today at Starbucks b/c of Earth Day!), lunch out at a favorite local spot, some shopping (I love Home Goods/TJ Maxx!), a walk or jog, some “catch up” around the apartment and cooking.

    Our kitty Andy sleeps in the same spot on our bed; does yours have a duvet cover? That helps with ours but even so, we have to wash it quite a bit in the summer!

  2. This picture of Mosie is precious! Quincy has gotten all of our blankets and various pieces of furniture so hairy that it’s almost repulsive. But then, we look at his preciousness and beautiful fur (on his body) and we say — how could we live without him?! So, we put up with the hair. It’s crazy. Happy day off (I have it off as well!)!

  3. I heard about the free coffee at starbucks too but that you need to bring in your own cup to get it for free.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Yup! That’s true…forgot to mention that fact! Coffee/tea only, no frilly drinks (unfortunately)…

  4. Spending the day today antique shopping, dying easter eggs, and just playing with my nieces, brother, sister-in-law, and parents….a pretty perfect day in my opinion! Wish you were here though!

  5. Add the park (lots of slides), a walk by the creek listening to the peepers, and ice cream to my perfect day today!

  6. i totally scrubbed the stovetop yesterday too. ew. i can manage it maybe quarterly…but not too often because i HATE it! i used some goo gone that helped – but smelled 😦

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