scone stones

I love scones.  I love chocolate chip scones and peanut butter chocolate scones and apricot white chocolate scones and raspberry scones… If it’s a scone and it doesn’t have nuts, I’m pretty much in love with it.

So this morning I made cheddar cheese scones, expecting utter deliciousness.  A savory, cheesy biscuit?  Yes, yes, yes!

No, no, no.  I wasn’t thrilled with these scones at all.  They tasted a little dry, a little bland, and didn’t have enough cheese.  Scone FAIL.  Next time I would do butter instead of vegetable oil (and more  maybe 3-4T.?) and add some spices, too, like basil or italian seasonings.  And garlic!

So basically, I just want Red Lobster cheese biscuits.  YUM.

What was your last kitchen FAIL or kitchen WIN?


2 thoughts on “scone stones

  1. Funny story…. My hubbs sent me an email the on Monday and asked me if I would make cheese biscuits like the ones at red lopbster for a potluck he was having at work today. So I made them last night. haha they were yumm!

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