quiet day

It’s a quiet day in the office.  Not much exciting to tell about.

Had dinner at Fazoli’s last night.  The breadsticks were especially delicious and buttery.  YUM.  I had penne with marinara sauce, although some of the alfredo sauces with basil were looking pretty awesome.  I knew alfredo would taste great in the moment but leave me feeling really heavy and bloated later on, so I passed them up.  The creepiest Easter bunny was in Fazoli’s, too, leering waving at kids.  He weirded me out.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to hand my baby over to Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses…

Reading Boston marathon recaps on blogs makes me want to run it.  I didn’t think that was a goal of mine, but now it kind of feels like it might be?  I told Dave I’d want to qualify but not run, but now seeing all the race recaps running would be so fun, too.  I haven’t done a truly BIG marathon race yet – like NYC or Chicago.  A new (and expensive) goal for post-baby, perhaps?

What do you order at Fazoli’s?  What’s your newest goal (running or completely non-running related)?


5 thoughts on “quiet day

  1. I can honestly say I’ve never eaten at a Fazoli’s. We don’t have one in my neck of the woods, heck we don’t even have an Olive Garden. I’ve heard it’s some good food and really want to try it out. Maybe on my next trip to Panama City Beach, FL, I’ll eat at the one they have there.

    As for Easter Bunnies and Santa Clauses, I’ve never had my babies pictures taken with them. I usually forget but then again those pictures can be pretty expensive for something that might not turn out that great and I just can’t justify spending the money.

  2. Ok – I’m with you about creepy Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses! I understand when babies cry around them!

    I was TOTALLY craving Fazoli’s this weekend! We passed about 7 of them on the way to KY and I SO SO Soooooo wanted breadsticks! My hubby isn’t all that into bad fast food though so we didn’t stop. I’ll have to find out if there’s one near my house. Are they only at exits on the highway???

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