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let’s be friends: Angela

Winner of the reader recipe poll is falafel!  Recipe and review Friday morning.

Now on to the fun stuff: meeting Angela!

I just recently turned 30 (2/12) and am loving it.  I also just recently ran a 1:57 half marathon (3/5) and have brought my 5k time down to 23:32 (3/12).  Both of those PR’s were ran in the month of March within a week of each other.

I have two little girls Bug who will be 9 in May and Monkey who just turned 3.  They are my life.  I’m trying to teach them the importance of exercising and even though I really do hope one becomes a runner, I’m happy with whatever they choose to do as long as they are happy.  Bug has recently picked up love for soccer and we are now on our second season of playing soccer for our local YMCA.  Bug also likes to run and has actually done about three different 5ks.  She has come very close to breaking the 30 minute mark.

I live in South Georgia where it’s summer most of the time, yet like this year and last we actually got some snow.  Not a whole lot but last year (on my 29th birthday) we got enough to build a small snowman.  It was one of my favorite days.

I work as a legal secretary/paralegal for a small family owned law firm.  I’ve been doing this for nine years in October.  I love my job but more importantly I love the people I work for.  They are my extended family and yes, I call them after every single race to let them know how I did, my time, and what place I placed.  My second half marathon was ran with my younger boss’s wife, even though I did finish before her.  She ran it because I was running it.  It was a lot of fun.

I do love to cook and get most of my receipes either from my mother-in-law, mom, or Campbell’s website.  I usually mix it up a little and add my own thing.  My husband loves trying whatever I make and usually we talk about what I can do to make it better.  The other night I made a crispy potato quiche and his only complaint was that the hash browns needed salt and pepper before cooking.  That was my only complaint also.

Speaking of the husband, we have been married for six years come join.  I’ll go ahead and get this out, yes we had Bug before we were married.  She actually turned 3 a month before we got married.  We wanted to make sure marriage was what we wanted and not something we felt obligated to do, so we waited.  Best decision either one of us could have made, in my opinion.

My blog is She Runs at www.angelamg.blogspot.com.

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