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For my birthday this year, I got some money from my parents, Dave’s parents, and my aunt and uncle.  I also got a Zappo’s gift card from my sister-in-law.  With some of the money and the Zappos card I bought these:

Merrell barefoot pure gloves!  I love them.  Basically they’re Vibram soles (like Vibram five-finger shoes), but they look a little more mainstream.  I’m wearing them for walking – I might branch into running with them, but we’ll see.  My Brooks are so good to me, I don’t necessarily feel a need.  However, I wanted to strengthen my feet by wearing them to walk.  I think it’s working – I’ve worn them the past week and my feet are actually a little sore (each day a little less so).  So far I haven’t walked over 3-4 miles in them at a time.  The shoes are super comfortable, light, and bendy.  Love them!

And the missing 22 week shot:

I’m working on different things to do with my hands.

Mosie jumped in for the photo shoot, too.

I took 22 weeks and the Boston marathon as inspiration and ran 6.5 miles yesterday in 1:03:08, 9:43 avg. pace.  Here are some of the average paces of the big players at Boston yesterday:

  • Ryan Hall (4th place): 4:46
  • Kara Goucher (5th place, and just had a baby 7 mos. ago): 5:32
  • Desi Devali (2nd place): 5:27
  • Joan Benoit Samuelson (she’s 53): 6:33
  • Geoffrey Mutai (1st place): 4:42
  • Molly: 7:59 (holy cow, girl!)
  • Sarah: 7:53 (again, dang!)
So my 9:43 is pretty close to all their paces…

Have you dabbled any in barefoot or minimalist running (or walking)?

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9 thoughts on “barefoot

  1. I have not dabbled in the barefoot running yet, but need to at least give it a shot to see what all the hype is about. Nice chatting with you during the marathon yesterday. Same time next year?…..if we aren’t running it of course 😉

  2. Love the weekly pic update. You look wonderful. Consider continuing it once a week after baby boy is born? 🙂

  3. I wear Nike Frees. I know what you mean about the soreness in your feet. My arches get a little sore from time to time but only on really long runs. I had suspected that those muscles are just weak and now hearing you have a similar problem when you walk confirms it for me. 🙂

    I love when you talk about your pace… because my pace is just above yours. I reackon if I ran with you you’d push me to run a little faster.

  4. i love that little boy! he is growing you so much in just 1 week!
    now the fun is beginning – you’ll eat your words of this being ‘the shortest pregnancy ever’

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