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marathon monday!

This year, $4.99 of my birthday money went to paying to see the Boston marathon live-stream on my computer.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere for free, and $5 is a lot for 2.5 hours of running, but it made me happy.  I haven’t ever watched a marathon, but I totally want to do it again.  It’s so fun and energizing!  Desi Davila had me all excited and pumped up (and maybe yelling at my computer screen)!  Just wish she (she took 2nd) and Ryan Hall could have won.

Now that the race is over (for the elites) I’m headed out for my own run!

Other happiness?  22 weeks – now a full 5 months pregnant!  Official picture to come tomorrow… after I’ve showered.  Baby is the length of a spaghetti squash.  Dave and I thought we’d illustrate: