environmental kitty

Mosie keeps water from being wasted:

She also conserves heat by sitting on our laps.  Warm kitty!

We’re working on knitting a sweater from all her shed hair.  Kidding.  Sick.  (And probably itchy.)


5 thoughts on “environmental kitty

  1. I have joked about making a blanket from Quincy’s shedding hair this spring. It’s disgusting. Our vacuum attachments can hardly handle it on the furniture. It is our first shedding season with him and wow…we didn’t really know what we were in for. He also loves to drink water from the faucet. It’s freaking adorable! Yay for cats!

  2. Ha ha! I love this picture 🙂 Have you seen those little fountains you can get for cats? Do you think Mosie would like that? Sometimes I think it would be fun to have one for Data 🙂

  3. How considerate is she! Sure, Denali leaves us enough hair to knit a blanket but he doesn’t help at all with water conservation or energy savings. And he certainly doesn’t allow for such cute photos. Dumb dog!

  4. My cat does that tooo. HA! It’s hilarious. She did have a hard time transitioning to water in a bowl though, but she’s doing that now. Too funny!

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