Yesterday Dave got a $3 free coupon for CVS (part of the CVS rewards program).

For $.18 we scored goldfish crackers and chocolate!

Now that’s a good deal.  I’ve been hankerin’ for some cheez-its, but thought whole grain goldfish might be slightly healthier.  Dave just loves dark chocolate.

If you have $3 to spend at CVS, what would you buy?  Crackers?  A drink?  Candy?  A magazine?  Makeup?

Thanks, Jana, for the shout-out on your blog!  You can check out my “7 things” here.


6 thoughts on “deal!

  1. I often eat goldfish for snack with the kids at school! They are also an awesome roadtrip snack too!

  2. Don’t you LOVE that? A few weeks ago I went into the campus bookstore with a couple of gift cards I’d received in the last 6 months. I came out with the most amazing pair of yoga pants in the world, and it cost me $0.86! It was probably one of the more exciting things to happen to me this winter/spring. Sad, but true.
    As far as your selections from CVS: I would have chosen exactly what you did. Goldfish and dark chocolate are some of my favorites!

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