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My master plan for maternity clothes is to buy mostly cotton sundresses.  My hope is that they’ll be the most comfortable, the most economical (buying one item rather than tops and bottoms), the most wearable through just-showing to about-t0-drop-a-baby, and the most flexible for both the office (with a cardigan, flats, and jewelry) and hanging out.  Here are two dresses I’ve bought so far:

This navy blue dress is from Motherhood Maternity.  I love the pockets.  And it’s super soft.  But the best part?

The awesome (and beautiful!) crocheted back!  I love it!  By the way, this is the dress that Kimberly and I were both wearing when I stalked her down.

The second dress is also from Motherhood Maternity:

(from their site, obviously)

This one is a little stiffer fabric, so it’s a little more formal.  I’ll still get plenty of use out of it for the office, church, weddings this summer, etc.

Both of these dresses also looked good before I even really had a belly, so I’m hopeful for their use post-baby as well.

I got some gift cards to Old Navy for my birthday as well, so I hope to head over there sometime soon (there’s a store near us with a maternity section) and pick up some more for-all-occasion pieces!

Are you planning some spring or summer shopping?  What items are you looking forward to getting?


6 thoughts on “new dresses

  1. That blue dress is the most comfortable yet stylish thing ever! I also plan to be in dresses most of the summer but I did get a pair of capris and I’d like a pair of shorts. However, I think I might pregnancy as an excuse to update my shoe collection!

      1. Definitely a fun idea, but be cautious. Most ladies feet grow during pregnancy by a 1/2 size or more and never go back. 😦 Booooo!

  2. Cute! I went the dress route during pregnancy too. I also got a great pair of gap maternity jeans that I wore the heck out of. Their maternity jeans were my fav by leaps and bounds. You look great!

    Not much spring shopping in the plans for me this year. Since I was hugely pregnant last spring I am just excited to wear my spring clothes that I’ve had packed up for 2 years! Lots of comfy dresses, jeans and tank tops!

  3. I’ve been itching for some spring shopping and may try to get a few pieces over Easter — perhaps a versatile dress or two that I can wear through summer and into fall with leggings! Target, perhaps? I love the style of Motherhood Maternity and wish they made non-maternity clothes too! (Weird?)

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