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I got to leave work a little early yesterday in order to get home in time for a birthday dinner with Dave.  Dave was very mysterious about the dinner, but told me I would need my water bottle, a book, and sunglasses.  I was guessing a picnic.  I was kind of right!

Dave took me up on the roof of the church!  He had a blanket and the cooler already up there!  (Note: I can climb a ladder right now, no problem.  But I imagine rooftop dates will be nonexistent in the next coming months.  I’m not shimmying a ladder with a belly.)

It was windy up there!

Dave picked up a big burrito, chips, and salsa from a nearby Mexican restaurant for us to split.  And afterwards:

A homemade “blizzard” – vanilla yogurt with chopped dark chocolate reese’s pb cups!  It had softened up in the cooler and tasted totally amazing.

I read some birthday cards

and then we just read our books.  It was really relaxing and so much fun.  I love hanging out with Dave, I love reading, and I love ice cream.  It was a perfect way to end my birthday!

I haven’t run all week since Sunday’s half marathon.  Somebody snap me out of it!


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