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Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  And since it’s my birthday, so I can bring up any topic I want, right?  Including really nasty ones involving bodily fluids?  Oh goodie!

I don’t get blisters very often, but I do get them every once in awhile.  After Sunday’s half marathon I had a dime-sized blister on the side of my left foot.  Not pretty.  Lucky for you all, I didn’t take a picture.  But it was big and gross and made Dave all worried about me.  Here’s my fail-proof method for blister care.  Of course, I’m not a doctor, but this is what has always worked really well for me.

  1. Clean a needle with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Clean the blister and the surrounding area with hydrogen peroxide.
  3. With the needle, punch a small hole in the side of the blister.
  4. Catch the pus/blood in a tissue.  Gently press the blister (using the tissue – not your fingers) to drain all the fluid out that you can.
  5. If necessary, punch a second hole in another area of the blister.  Drain the fluid by gently pressing the blister.
  6. Once all the fluid is drained, cleanse the area again with hydrogen peroxide.
  7. Cover with a band-aid.
  8. Clean your needle with hydrogen peroxide.

Never – NEVER – cut the skin of the blister off.  You’ll be left with raw, exposed skin that will hurt like all get-out and take forever to heal.  Trust me on this one.

It’s now three days later and you can barely even tell where the blister on my foot was.  Awesome!  I could have run on Monday no problem, but I took a recovery day instead.

What’s your grossest blister story? After my very first marathon I had a giant blood blister underneath my entire big toenail.  It exploded the day after the race with lots of pus and blood.  My nursing-student roommate was even grossed out by it.


8 thoughts on “blister care

  1. Sorry to add to the grossness but I once popped a blister just as you described above, minus the band-aid and then hopped in the shower and the blister soaked up all the water and re-filled itself. It didn’t hurt and I was able to squeeze the water out but still pretty gross. Again, sorry.

  2. Thanks for the blister care tips! I have a small one on a toe that won’t go away, might have to drain that puppy tonight! I also just purchased some smart wool socks which I heard are great for no blisters! I also lube my toes up with body glide!

  3. i got a huge blood blister in high school cross country season on my little toe. the blister itself was bigger than my toe and popped while i was running the all night fundraiser relay (remember that all you cross country huronites?). that sock never recovered.

  4. kelly and I both would like to say thank you for sparing us a picture of your lovely feet! Just teasing you sister!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kim! You know, now “blister care” is going to be one of the search terms leading to your blog! (Or maybe something grosser than “blister care.”) 😉

  6. I would have liked the pics!

    Steven gets CRAZY blisters. C-R-A-Z-Y! They make any blister look like a walk in the park. I am not sure what is up with that, but his are huge and red and so bumpy. Ha ha ha. I love looking at them. 😛

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