27 years!

Today is my birthday! 27 years old!

Tuesday morning I woke up to this on the bathroom mirror:

These birthday static clings have been in our family since I was little-little.  I always LOVED waking up on my birthday and seeing the mirror decorated, so I was really excited that Dave and my mom collaborated on this one.  To me, birthdays don’t exactly feel like birthdays without the mirror clings.  Dave put this up Tuesday morning since I’d be down at work this morning (my real birthday).  (Sisters, yes, Dave has the cake upside down.  He didn’t know.)

Dave and I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, with the bed and breakfast stay and the half marathon.  We celebrated my birthday on Monday night with Dave’s family – a burrito bar!  We had spanish rice, corn (frozen from last summer), tortillas, guac, tomatoes, shredded cheese, taco turkey meat, homemade refried beans, spinach, sour cream, and salsa (made by Dave’s sister and her husband!).  We finished it off with a cake Dave got from the grocery store – I LOVE store-bought icing and he requested extra for me!

Please note adorable little Lydia at the head of the table, with her tiny ponytail.

Today I’m in the office (boo, but I took off Monday).  I’m heading home a little early so Dave and I can eat dinner together and hang out.

Do you have any special birthday traditions? We had the mirror clings, of course.  We could also request our birthday meal of choice.  I tended to go for macaroni and cheese with hotdogs (from scratch, not boxed) and green beans.  And my mom made some really awesome shape cakes for us for birthdays – I’ll have to see if she can scan me some pictures to show you all!  She was AMAZING!


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  1. Happy birthday! I hope it was absolutely fabulous.

    As a kid, my mom would let us pick a cake out of the Wilton catalog and she would make and decorate it for us. She was able to make those super cute flowers and stuff so it was always fun to pick a unique cake. She also always made a point of singing “Happy Birthday” in the worst voice ever. There’s nothing, though, that continues as an adult 😦

  2. Happy birthday!

    No traditions here – we’re pretty boring. I did get a trip to Disney last year for my *gasp* 40th, but now, I will eternally turn 39.

  3. We always decorated the dining room in crepe paper and balloons for our birthdays – even my mom’s and dad’s. Theoretically, the decorations were supposed to change for each birthday, but since one of my brothers has a birthday 10 days before mine, I often didn’t get my own special decorations. But sometimes…sometimes I did, and it always was extra wonderful.

    Happy birthday to you!

  4. happy birthday, seester!

    to add some funny details to your account of your birthdays growing up….
    1) you normally asked for popcorn for your birthday meal and then when mom suggested perhaps there should be more to it, you’d go for the mac and cheese with dogs and green beans. but popcorn is what you really wanted.
    2) you picked your birthday meal out by february (at the latest) and counted down to your birthday from there. i’m certain this was because you were the only one of us who didn’t have a february birthday so you had to find a way to start celebrating your birthday in feb, too. 🙂

  5. What? You don’t eat your birthday cake with the plate on top?! 😉

    Happy Birthday babe – hope you’re having a great one!

    Also, Kelly I laughed out loud at your post – that’s my Kimmy!

    We love you Kim!

  6. Aww! I love the mirror clings! And happy birthday! I was confused and thought your bday was last Wednesday and I missed it. Duh…

    Hmm, birthday traditions… now that I am older, I seem to go to my parent’s cabin on the Mississippi each year for my bday. That is it!

    Hope your day is fab!!!

  7. Not sure if this is a tradition, but when we got older (e.g., high school and could drive ourselves) we were allowed to order our own birthday cake from Publix. I am like you in that I have a major sweet tooth with a special affinity for Publix (grocery store) icing. So I drove myself to Publix and ordered a half-sheet sized cake. I didn’t really know how big this was until I went to pick it up, and WOW! That’s a lot of cake for a small family, especially for one with parents that detest grocery store icing. Mom was not too thrilled that I had purchased such a big (and probably expensive) cake when the small 8-inch round would have done well, but Laura and I loved it.

    However, I foolishly left this cake out on the kitchen counter the afternoon I picked it up. I came downstairs hours later to find that our extra-large sized cat (the fat orange one we called Buddha) had settled for a nap right in the middle of the cake box lid. Why there? Who knows, but there was a whole lot of squishy cake with icing all over the place inside the box. Kinda’ gross that the cat was that close to the cake, yes, but I’m pretty sure we checked for cat fur and after discovering none went on to eat the cake anyway.

  8. I always thoroughly enjoyed kim’s pick for bday dinner. Since we shared a room growing up I often got to tell her happy birthday first! Thanks for putting up the static clings dave! Brings back memories!

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