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let’s be friends: Kim

Who I am: I am Kim, a 26-year-old living in a Chicago suburb with my husband Steven, and our cat, Data. I work in the design industry (for the federal government), and follow a vegan lifestyle. And I love to be active, ESPECIALLY running! I am out-going, friendly and energetic (okay, on my good days).

What I love:

  1. I love to laugh and have a good time. It is hard for me to hide my inner child! My happiest moments seem to be those when I am being silly with my husband, family or friends. Not to say I can’t be serious, but I love it when people have a good sense of humor!
  2. I love to run. I started running in 2006 to train for my first 5K on New Years Day 2007. It something I have loved since! Running makes me feel strong and capable, keeps me healthy, and let’s me socialize! What more could I ask for?!
  3. I love my family and friends – I love being social. I am a pretty independent person (I even spent a summer in Rome by myself!) but I am learning that spending time with other people makes me feel so good! I love making connections with new people, either in person or on-line.
  4. I love animals and nature! I love spending time outdoors, year round, through all four seasons! I especially love spending time with my family on the Mississippi River in the summer.
  5. I love to eat! My husband is an amazing cook and is always concocting something new! I am just a sous chef and taste tester!
  6. I love to travel! There are so many places I want to see and experience!

Overall, I am trying to make the most of life and be the best person I can – like many others! There are definitely things I struggle with, but overall, I try to focus on the positive in each day.

My blogwww.ilaxstudio.com/blog/

Kim and Kim!

Be sure to check out Kim’s blog – I love the pictures she puts up of her cat, Data (like the above yoga-with-your-cat) and Kim runs a ton of races – from 5Ks to marathons!  And she’s just as great in person as she is on her blog!

The winner of the reader recipe poll is soba noodle stirfry!  Recipe and review Friday morning!


5 thoughts on “let’s be friends: Kim

  1. So, I was super hopeful for the quinoa and veggies stir fry. Could you send me the recipe anyway? Even if you’re not making and reviewing it? That would be awesome. Thanks, Kim!

  2. I can vouch for a couple of those things on her list! She’s an awesome person and SO MUCH FUN to hang around with. AND, her husband is an amazing cook. His veggie pizza was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. One day…I hope to run with Kim!

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