i’m awkward

Yesterday I met up with Rachel in Fort Wayne for a tea party and time to hang out.  The super sweet little Miss Mylin joined us.  (Flashback to here when I met tiny little Mylin for the first time!)

We enjoyed our little sandwiches and cheddar puffs.  Dessert seemed to be almost more than “lunch” – a cookie, a brownie, a scone, and a butterscotch haystack each, and a sponge cake to split.  Don’t worry, I still had no problem putting it all down.

After tea Rachel and I sat in her car for a little bit finishing up talking.  As we were sitting there I saw someone walking down the street and realized it was Kimberly – another blogger, runner, and pregnant-lady.  I ambushed her curbside to say hi, creating quite the awkward exchange, as she was walking back to her office with a frappe and I was a random out-of-nowhere freak yelling “HI!  I know you because I read your blog!”  To top it all off, I was wearing the exact same dress as her.  Can we say “stalker”?  Luckily, she recognized me, too, so maybe it wasn’t quite as creepy as it could have been.  You’ve all been fairly warned: I may ambush you curbside and I will be awkward.

Yesterday also marked 21 weeks!

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever done?

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9 thoughts on “i’m awkward

  1. I’m so glad you said hi! My husband got a total kick out of us wearing the same fabulous dress.

    I am a nosy gal and I once sat in the bathroom for, like, a half-hour because I could clearly hear the couple in the basement apartment fighting. So lots of things like that that satisfy my curiosity!

    1. have you ever seen that episode of will and grace where the camp on top of the register listening to the drama below?!
      it was fun to ‘meet’ you from a distance yesterday – definitely a hilarious and random moment my husband said could not have been real (blog friends being in the same place, with the same name, both pregnant and wearing the same dress, randomly.) 🙂

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