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holy hot half marathon

Yesterday Dave and I headed over to South Bend to run the Holy Half Marathon.  We called this the “birthday half marathon” because my birthday is Wednesday and I wanted to run the race for it, and it was part of our birthday getaway weekend.  We left the house at 7:45am – after getting some good luck lovin’ from Mosie

and got to Notre Dame campus just after 8:30.  The race didn’t start til 10, so we picked up our bib and tshirt, then sat in the car for awhile and slowly got ready – put our timing chips on our shoes, pinned our bibs on, walked to the port-o-johns, ate a powerbar, drank water.  At 9:30 we wandered back over toward the start.  The race had about 1100 runners and I’m not sure if that counted the 10Kers or not.  I don’t think it did?  Right before the start I happened to catch sight of a guy I went to high school with back in Ohio!  Random and fun!

The race started right at 10 – two loops around campus.  The first loop was pretty awful.  Dave and I both felt tired, our legs didn’t feel fresh, and it was really warm (for what we’re used to right now) – in the mid 70s already and sunny.  We took two short walk breaks before the halfway point – I was feeling really tired and hot.  At the halfway we made a bathroom stop which easily took 4-5 minutes before we both had finished up.  At that point I would have liked to quit but I knew I would be mad later, so we jumped back into the second loop.  Oddly, the second loop felt much better!  We still took a few short walk breaks, but for the most part just kept along at a steady pace.  It was still really warm, but the water stops all had plenty of water.

During the second loop we heard a lot of emergency sirens and saw several runners off in the grass, with ice bags and medics.  Yikes!

We finished in 2:27:32 (unofficial time) – caked in salt from dried sweat!  By the time we finished it was almost 80 degrees!  I’m really glad I didn’t quit halfway through – I know I would have been so mad later!  Plus, I felt so much better that second time around.

Post race there was a decent spread of Einstein’s bagels, fruit, luna bars, and pita and hummus.  The pitas and hummus tasted SO delicious!

Race perks:

  • $35 entry fee – and all proceeds went to charity
  • The course was pretty – around campus, around some small lakes, both paved and packed dirt
  • The blueberry pomegranate GU chomps Dave and I split.  Dave said he might just start running races to eat GU chomps.  GU chomps are freakin delicious.
  • pita and hummus
  • super soft tech shirt
  • water stations that didn’t run out of water
  • Running with Dave!
  • Running 21 weeks pregnant!

Race not-so-greats:

  • Dave thought running the same course twice was boring.  I didn’t mind it as much.
  • Supposedly Jimmy John’s was going to have sandwiches after the race but we never saw them?
  • Gatorade would have tasted awesome on such a hot, sweaty day.
  • It was HOT.  Admittedly, this was not the fault of the race organizers.

I told Dave I would definitely do this race again next year – I love that it’s for charity, I liked how small it was, it’s nearby, it’s an early half-marathon race, and it was cheaper than most.  WIN in my book!

We got home and gave Dave a haircut on the back deck, then spent the day hanging out and reading.  There might have been some napping, too, or at least an attempt at it.

We had salmon and green beans for dinner, then headed to bed early.  A successful birthday weekend, with the bed and breakfast and a great race!

What do you like to do for your birthday? This was my first time doing a birthday race but I loved it!


7 thoughts on “holy hot half marathon

  1. What a tough race! I wonder why the heck they started it so late? Good job though. I would have wanted to quit too. Even 70 is too hot for me! 🙂

    And I must have missed your birthday! So I apolgize for the belated – Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I might have to do that race next year – it would be a perfect tune-up for the 5/3 River Bank Run and fits right into the training plan. I can’t believe you both ran 13.1 in yesterday’s heat, though. I tried to do 8 and ended up doing a very sucky 6, but I waited until 3:00 to run and it was 83 when I started.

    Glad you had such an awesome birthday. My birthday is in August, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any 1/2s for mine – too freaking HOT!

  3. Way to go Kimmy & Dave! I am trying to get ready for the Indy Mini and ran a 10 miler this weekend. But I was finished before 8:00am and beat the heat! GU Chomps, huh? That’s not the first time you have sung praises about those! Will have to try them when my supply of GU packs run out.

    Oh! Happy Birthday!

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