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birthday getaway

Late yesterday afternoon Dave and I left home and headed about 2 hours east, to Grand Rapids, Ohio.  We stayed the night at the beautiful Mill House Bed and Breakfast, in the garden room.  Seriously, check out how cute this place is!

(from their website)

Our awesome room, which overlooks the gardens and the river!

(Not in the picture: the table in the corner and the little electric fireplace.)

Also a great bathroom, with this cool old door.

Dave and I found this place through my sister.  The innkeepers (Ron and Kathy) are parents of one of Jill’s friends from college.  Kathy is known for her fantastic scones.  Jill called ahead and had Kathy make Dave and I a special birthday treat and leave it in the room!

Chocolate peanut butter chip scones!  They’re really soft and fluffy and taste amazing.  We’ve already eaten two.  Thank you, Jilly!!

Once we checked in we headed across the street to Mama Teresa’s Italian Restaurant.  We weren’t sure what to expect, so we had called ahead and made reservations.  Um, there were maybe 3 other people in there when we arrived.  And it’s a really laid back pizza place, with take out and delivery.  More like a local pizza joint than an actual reservation-type restaurant.  Whoops.  At least we were in jeans and not all dressed up!  We ordered a half cheese/half tomato and green pepper pizza and hung out.  The pizza was delivered with a candle in the middle, as Dave had mentioned my birthday when he called ahead.  They put a hat on my head and sang to me, which was less humiliating than usual given the casual vibe and the few people there.

The pizza though, was really really good!

After dinner we came back to our room and just hung out and read.  We thought about watching a movie but decided not to.

To bed by 9:30 – we’re party animals!

We got up this morning and ran an easy couple of miles along the river, now it’s time for the “breakfast” part of the bed and breakfast!  Then we’re off to explore downtown.  Tomorrow is the birthday half marathon!

Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? This is my first time!


7 thoughts on “birthday getaway

  1. My husband and I stayed on this log cabin for our honeymoon. It was right off Lake Superior in Northern MN. It was so relaxing and amazing. Not really your typical “bed and breakfast” but still really nice. We plan to go back to the same cabin again in the future. We were hoping to stay up there for our 1 year anniversary but its not going to work out this year.

  2. We’ve been to a couple bed and breakfasts…on our honeymoon and two others. THis one is FAR AND AWAY our favorite we’ve ever been to: It’s just in Bristol, so it’s so close and easy. The rooms as $99/night EVERY night, holidays and weekends included! Food SOOOO good, we stayed two nights, and after each of the breakfasts we weren’t hungry until dinner! Totally recommend it…you’ll be spoiled rotten! In the 3.5 years we’ve been married we’ve never been able to go to on a real vacation other than a night or two at a B&B/cabin once a year, but we’re definitely planning to make it back to the Murphy House at least one more time before we move!

  3. Stayed at two.

    One in Key West on our honeymoon — AMAZING. Down there they really know how to make you feel at home.

    Then a second one in January in Indy. Ehh. Wasn’t very impressed. It was the only B&B downtown that wasn’t booked that weekend so I think I know why. Just wasn’t as cozy. Room was cold and hollow. Just didn’t feel “at home.”

  4. Isn’t Grand Rapids great little place? It’s only about 15-20 mins from where I grew up, so I’ve been there a lot – antiquing with my mom, getting ice cream from the old-school ice cream parlor with my brothers, just walking around pretending like I’m in 1920. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your time in NW Ohio!

  5. We’ve stayed at a few. We did the B and B thing for our honeymoon. Does this one give great rates to pastors? I think I looked it up before when we were considering a quick getaway! Good to know you enjoyed it!

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