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reader recipe poll: white beans with rosemary and garlic soup

I got this week’s recipe from The Cooks Next Door.  It’s a blog written by my friend Steph and her sister Alaina.  They have A LOT of recipes on there – some vegetarian, some gluten free – lots of ethnic foods, too.  I love reading their recipes and reviews!  The white beans with rosemary and garlic soup recipe came straight from there, so I’ll send you to the link rather than retype it here.  My only modifications were:

  • I tripled the batch
  • I used basil instead of rosemary because we were out
  • I added the garlic and basil with 40 minutes left til supper, to let the flavors simmer together longer

Dave and I liked this soup.  We didn’t love it, but that could partly be because of the basil instead of rosemary.  I also think we’ll probably love it after it sits in the fridge for the night – leftover soup always gets more intense in flavor.  I did really like the simplicity of the soup.  There weren’t a lot of flavors competing with each other – just silky soft beans, garlic, and basil.  Yum.

We had our soup with a side of roasted kale chips.  I tossed the kale in olive oil, onion powder, and garlic salt, then roasted at 375 for about 20 minutes.  Delicious and crunchy!

Happy Friday!


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