hello, old legs

I had a busy morning work-wise, so I wasn’t able to get out for a run til late, in between two work projects.  I had a little less than an hour, so I decided to do 4 miles.  Out the door and let my legs do all the work.  4 miles in 36:13, 9:03 avg. pace!  I haven’t run that fast since December I don’t think, or maybe even November.  It felt awesome to be at my old speed again, although definitely not as easy to maintain as it once was.  Apparently in the 40s, cloudy, and slightly rainy is my ideal running weather.

Dave and I are headed out later today for an early-birthday weekend celebration together!  I can’t wait!  I’ll have more to tell – and show – tomorrow!

What’s your ideal weather – for running or just enjoyment? Running: mid-high 40s, cloudy, misty rain.  Enjoyment: mid 70s, sunny, a little breezy.


2 thoughts on “hello, old legs

  1. Awesome run!

    I have the same temp preference, or close. 35 and overcast for running, 70s for a picnic, 90s if on the river with my family!

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