top ten

The top ten searches that lead to my blog (not including anything with girlevolving or similar):

1. marathon necklace

2. cauliflower macaroni and cheese

3. peanut butter apple pie (also here!)

4. mini reese’s (yesssss!)

5. haystack recipe/mexican haystacks

6. goat cheese pasta

7. stack of books

8. peanut butter scones

9. eggplant dahl

10. running legs

I think it’s a decent picture of what I talk about – running, recipes, a lot of peanut butter, reese’s, and books!  All we need is “Mosie” in there and we’d be about covered!

Random question of the day: what’s your favorite day of the week and why? For me it’s Saturday (unoriginal, I know) – being lazy, getting lots of house stuff done, reading, going on trips, seeing friends… Saturdays are just the best.


5 thoughts on “top ten

  1. so does this mean a lot of people are looking for a marathon necklace to buy? if so, i best get an etsy shop up and running…

  2. My favorite day used to be Thursdays. I’d work, go home and clean our tiny apt and do laundry and then enjoy my favorite TV shows with then fiance. Now it’s Saturdays… get to spend all day with hubby and baby boy running errands or hanging out at home.

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