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let’s be friends: Kimi

The winner of the reader recipe poll is white bean soup with rosemary and garlic.  Recipe and review Friday morning!  And now, another “let’s be friends”!

I’m Kimi. Yes, I realize Kimi is a tad immature sounding for a 27-almost-28-year-old. But hey, the name fits.

I’m from Ohio. Not just from Ohio, but obsessed with Ohio. Born and raised and never ever want to leave. I love it. I have script Ohio tattooed on my body and could literally tear up thinking about my love for the state. So. Weird.

I’m in my late twenties, gosh that sounds odd.

I’m a mom. A new mom. But somehow my little boy is a month away from turning one. No idea how that happened but I feel incredibly blessed. He’s no longer a baby… he’s not a tiny human that has invaded our lives, my ability to wear makeup more than once a week, the pleasure of sleeping more than 6 hours at a time and most of all melted my heart into a puddle of mush.

I’m a wife married to my best friend. Cue the cliche. Seriously, this guy is the ketchup to my fishsticks. (The best combo ever, FYI.)

I love to read, write, run and eat cheese fries. Oh, and I love my blog. Blogs and bloggers rule!

After I got Kimi’s email I wrote her and asked where she was from in Ohio, since I grew up there.  Turns out she lives about 20 minutes from where I grew up!  Not only that, she’s best friends with one of my friends from high school!  Small world!

Go check out Kimi’s blog, say hi, and be amazed that she actually takes ice baths after runs!  I’m impressed (and too pansy to try it myself).


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  1. Hey Amber, fellow Ohio gal! Hello Jessie! ❤ Thanks for letting me be on your blog! And yay for your soon to be little boy… little boys are oh-so-fun!

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