it’s a…


Dave’s jaw is still hanging open from this, as he was pretty convinced it was a girl (I was waffling between the two).  It was SO cool to see the ultrasound and get to watch our baby for a whole hour!  It was amazing.

After the ultrasound we celebrated with raspberries, then took cupcakes around to Dave’s family while we called mine on the phone.

20 weeks! Halfway there (which is nuts, since I still don’t feel pregnant most of the time).

Grow, little baby BOY!

I got a celebratory run in last night that felt fabulous – it was mid-forties, misty rain… absolute weather perfection.  6.25 miles in 1:00:58, 9:43 avg. pace.  We have a half marathon coming up this weekend, so that’ll probably have to suffice as my “long” run pre-race.  Meh, it’ll do.

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19 thoughts on “it’s a…

  1. I am so excited for you, dear!! 🙂 I pray he continues to grow into a healthy child! Such a blessing! Thank you for sharing with us on your journey!

  2. Praise God! Joe and I know so many friends having boys this year. What a fun way to announce to your blog readers and family especially. You will be a great mom to a little baby boy!

  3. That is wonderful news. I don’t have boys, as you could tell from my pictures, but I do have a one year old nephew and he is the most loving out of all the kids.

    Don’t worry that baby belly will grow and before you know it, you’ll look down to try and find your feet and only see belly.

  4. Congratulations! I love you’re bump. You’ll round out in no time. It seems like 20 weeks marks the growth stage.

    So impressed you’re still running like the wind! Totally jealous.

  5. awesome! we’ll have to introduce our boys to each other once they arrive.:) my little guy should be here within a couple weeks! hope things continue to go really smoothly!

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