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Dave was originally supposed to fly back in to Chicago Midway yesterday.  However, when we flew to Florida in February and when I flew to Oklahoma City, we both noticed that the airlines seemed to be overbooking flights and offering deals to customers if they would bump.  We both said that in the future if we could do it, we definitely would.

That day came.

Dave took a flight bump yesterday afternoon.  He’ll get in this morning instead, not too early.  I’ll leave the house at about 6am to pick him up (thank you for the time difference, Chicago!).  We’re going to get breakfast together, then hit IKEA before we head home.  But here’s everything Dave scored for his flight bump:

  • free future roundtrip flight anywhere in the U.S.
  • $25 toward a future flight
  • 2 meal vouchers
  • a free hotel stay

The hotel stay  might not be the best part of the deal, as he later posted this picture and caption on facebook (click to enlarge):

You know you’re not at the ritz when you walk in and find this on the bed.


Then Dave found out that if he signed up for an AirTran credit card, we’d get another free one-way trip anywhere.  So he did (we don’t intend to use the card).  All in one day we now have 1 free roundtrip ticket and are 50%+$25 the way there on the other ticket!  Score!

Now we just have to figure out when and where.  A pre-baby vacation?  Or a post-baby vacation?

If you could fly anywhere in the U.S., where would you go?

If you pulled a good April Fools joke yesterday (or took the brunt of one) tell me about it!


8 thoughts on “free flyin’

  1. Nice! Be aware there are quite a few black out dares and restrictions on those “free tickets.” I scored one and have never been able to use it. 😦 also, was dave’s sketchy hotel in atlanta? If so, i’ve stayed there as well when my flight was cancelled! Not enjoyable!

  2. that’s awesome! Definitely go for pre-baby vacation. It will be a good memory. I did my annual fool the kids with food. I’ll blog about it later on today. 🙂 I got them again!

  3. Pre-baby for sure! I’d go to Hawaii b/c the flights are typically the most expensive part. I got fooled on April Fools. Lillian called me on the way to work and said, “mommy I pooped in the tub!” I freaked and immediately started thinking I was going to have to turn around and go home to fully disinfect the bath b/c lets face it Ryan doesn’t really clean like me. Then she yelled and giggled, “April Fools”. It was so cute and started my morning right! 🙂

  4. Wow. I am happy Dave made it through that hotel stay 😛

    Awesome that you got a free ticket plus a discount! I would like to fly to CA someday! 🙂

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